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Posted by Danae Arreola on October 6, 2023

On September 16th, 2023, Quality Material Handling, Inc. joined forces with American Veterans Assistance Group (AVAG) at a mobile park in San Bernardino, CA with tools in hand, ready to help veterans and their families clean up their lovely community.

American Veterans Assistance Group (AVAG) is a wonderful non-profit organization who focus on helping veterans in any way possible. Our team at Quality Material Handling have had the pleasure of working with AVAG in the past. Therefore, it was an amazing opportunity to work with their wonderful Chaplin, Doreen Matsumoto, and the rest of their team once again. It is always a pleasure teaming up with an organization who focus on doing good throughout their community.

Since it can be difficult to perform upkeep on the community due to accessibility, a total of 16 homes eagerly waited to be cared for. There were a wide range of projects, consisting of gardening, power washing, and removal of debris. Our volunteers were quick to get to work and help in any way they could. Snacks and beverages were also provided to ensure that everyone was fueled for the day and taken care of.

Following the cleanup, the community expressed their gratitude to our extraordinary team of volunteers through heartfelt messages. Karen Tomlin expressed to us, “Thanks for the help with my yard. I really appreciate it and all the people who do such great things in the community. You are a true blessing.” We also received a message from Roberta Gardner, which stated “Thank you to the volunteers who helped me on my front yard. Being old is tough and every bit of help from a reputable group of yours is a lot to us.”

Overall, we are all so thrilled to have been apart of this glorious event. One of our core values is that “We Serve,” so being given the opportunity to go out and serve such a loving community is truly rewarding. We are so appreciative of the hard work that all of the volunteers put into this event. Thank you so much to AVAG for allowing us to be apart of such a wonderful team. We look forward to more opportunities to give back to our communities in the future.

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