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Earlier this spring, the QMH family decided to deliver a little surprise to the Azusa Police Department (our local police force) – we took them out to lunch… kind of. Instead of taking them to the lunch, we wanted to bring the lunch to them. With a few days of Active Shooter Training planned for the department, we knew we could find a number of officers together in one place, so we had our time and place. The next step in the surprise was the food. Azusa’s own Taco Man (our family friends who have been catering our own parties for

Azusa's own Taco Man getting ready to serve up some of the tastiest tacos in the entire state.
Azusa’s own Taco Man getting ready to serve up some of the tastiest tacos in the entire state.

the past four years) has been whipping up some of the tastiest tacos in the entire state and with his mobile taco kitchen, it was the perfect recipe to bring a yummy lunch to the girls and boys in blue. We scheduled two days with Taco Man and a bunch of us from QMH made the short trip over to the Active Shooter Training to say thank you on behalf of our Azusa business and the community as a whole.

Four of us made the trip each day and sat and chatted with nearly 80 officers as they dove into their chicken, carne asada, and pastor (pork) tacos with fresh toppings like salsa verde, guacamole and homemade hot sauces. The Taco Man even mixed up some fresh fruit juices for cool refreshment, including horchata and pineapple juice with pineapple chunks. It was a joy to interact with these peace-keeping professionals on a more casual level and many laughs and smiles were had as we got to know the officers.

The Azusa Police Officers’ Association (APOA), honored QMH with a plaque to thank us for our support!

“Azusa PD has always been a great support for our community. They’ve made the city comfortable and safe for our business. All the officers are genuinely nice people and we really appreciate their support to our city. As a token of our gratitude we delivered taco man, two separate times in the same week to their active shooter training,” said COO Julia Pinto.

Then, the Azusa Police Department flipped the surprise on us! Peter Hoh, Vice President of the Azusa Police Officers’ Association (APOA), honored QMH with a plaque to thank us for our support. We never dreamed of receiving such an honor for just wanting to share a lunch with the people who serve our community, so the presentation was very unexpected and more than welcome. “The plaque will be a reminder of the joy of the entire experience, from planning to getting to know the officers over lunch,” said Pinto.

Needless to say, we hope to break bread with the Azusa Police Department again soon and encourage everyone in Azusa to reach out and get to know our local officers. They’re wonderful people who work every day to make our community better.

Special thanks to the Taco Man for coming through with the delicious lunch and thank you again to the officers for their work and the good times they shared with us over tacos this month.

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