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Posted by Danae Arreola on September 13, 2023

Our company showed appreciation to our employees and their families over the weekend at our 2023 Company Picnic and Softball Game.

We gathered on September 9th, 2023 to enjoy a day full of friendly competition, delicious food, entertaining games with highly sought-after prizes, and comradery. The weather was warm, but the joy and excitement surrounding the event made it easy to bear.

Softball Game

The event kicked off with a highly anticipated softball game between Team Hector and Team Brenda. The matchup was the talk of the office for weeks leading up to the event; everyone could not wait for the friendly competition. After the team captains determined the lineup and positions, both teams took the field with vigor and excitement. The first inning started out with a bang. Team Hector set the precedent by putting up 5 runs for Team Brenda to combat. From then on, the game was a back and forth battle. Team Brenda was on the heels of Team Hector for the entire 6-inning long game; they were on a mission to shorten the lead. Despite the efforts, Team Hector maintained their lead and were victorious over Team Brenda with a score of 14-7. Which made this his first ever softball victory against Team Brenda!


Following a long and scorching game, everyone gathered in the picnic area for a much needed lunch break. An assortment of fresh cut fruit was served and everyone flocked to it for a refreshing treat to help cool them down during the hot afternoon. In addition to the fruit and various snacks, we were fortunate enough to have Famous Dave’s catered. There was an array of fresh salad, steaming mac n cheese, beans, perfectly seasoned meat, and warm corn bread. Everyone devoured the delicious food, which served as fuel just in time for us to introduce some fun games for everyone to enjoy.

Exciting Games

We started off our exciting array of games and prizes with an egg toss. Everyone grabbed a partner and lined up on either side with an egg. Each team made many efforts to ensure their egg was not the one to drop. It was quite a sight to see! At the end, Sue and Juan from our permits department were the most dynamic duo and crowned champions of the egg toss. Following the egg toss, we geared everyone up for an exciting potato sack race. It was a blast seeing everyone who participated hopping around like a kangaroo in their potato sacks. We had some quick hoppers, so the game was jampacked full of entertainment. We ended our selection of games with a water balloon toss, which was sure to cool everyone down. Everyone seemed to want to join in on the fun for this one to beat the heat.

A Wonderful Surprise

To add to the excitement and close out the afternoon, everyone was surprised with a visit from the ice cream truck. Hector and Julia Pinto were gracious enough to take everyone’s ice cream orders and pass them out. It was the perfect end to an eventful and hot afternoon!

Thank You!

On behalf of Quality Material Handling, Inc. thank you to everyone who participated. It was a wonderful time. Having all of the employees and their families in one place was joyous. There was a sense of togetherness that truly emphasized one our main core values, which is to celebrate. Hosting these events is a chance to celebrate each and every employee and the friends and families that they cherish.

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