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Posted by Stephanie on May 26, 2016

As leaders in the material handling industry, we always stress the importance of getting the job done right the first time. We’ve often had companies come to us with problems caused by or related to poor racking installations, where the racking is either uncertified or don’t meet city requirements. For us, it’s frustrating hearing about bad experiences that result in warehouses having to redo an entire project. It is a significant waste of time, money, and resources when companies need to redo an entire project, and may slow down or halt a business’s growth. We want customers to be well-informed about best practices when dealing with racking companies, to help them avoid a potentially expensive mistake.


Racking Companies Must Offer Certified Racks

No matter what company you choose to source your racking systems, it is critical that you make sure the racking is certified. Certified racks are built with strength, safety, and liability in mind, and minimize the potential for accidents, mishaps, and city code violations. Most importantly, only certified racks can be stamped by a State Licensed Structural Engineer and permitted by the city.

Potential Hazards
Racking that isn’t certified is often weak and/or poorly constructed, and can bend and break easily over time due to heavy storage or forklift impacts. If a rack were to fall or collapse, an entire racking system could go down like dominoes. This is a huge hazard to the safety of your employees, as well as your equipment, materials and the warehouse facility itself.


Hire a Licensed Contractors

Be sure to hire a licensed contractor for your installations. Licensing laws tend to differ from state to state, so we recommend checking the requirements for your state and verifying your contractor’s license number before committing.

Potential Hazards
Regardless of their experience or expertise, if a contractor is not licensed, their work is illegal! If you hire a company for your racking system installation, and they don’t have a contractor’s license, you risk not meeting city building and fire codes, leading to potential fines. There have been cases where QMH has been hired to dismantle all the racks previously installed by an unlicensed contractor and re-install their racking system to bring it up to code.



Make sure you obtain permits for your racking system to make sure your project meets city codes. If you’re unsure how to go about this, often times racking companies can help you with the process of applying for and getting permits approved. However, the company must have a contractor’s license to properly obtain the permits.

Potential Hazards
If your city performs an inspection of your warehouse facility and determines that you don’t have proper city permits or meet required fire and safety codes, you make yourself vulnerable to suspension of your business license and could be fined for the violations. Worse yet, in extreme cases of excessive violations, a business can be forced to shut down for good!


QMH: Your Provider of Material Handling Solutions

Not all racking companies are created equal, and it’s important to make sure they fit the bill when it comes to successfully completing your warehouse project. Quality Material Handling offers a full range of warehouse solutions, and we’re ready to partner with you to develop the perfect warehouse management solutions for your business. We strongly believe that the more you know, the better you’ll be equipped to make the best decisions. We love to help our customers grow, it’s our pride and joy! We are licensed contractors, and offer complete racking installations, as well as permit services for your warehouse racking project. With over 25 years of experience, our team of professionals is here to make sure the job is done right the first time!


Helpful Tools:

Look Up a License
We highly recommend you ask for the contractor’s license of the company installing your racks. You can then use this tool to check a contractor’s license and their standing.

Report Illegal Activity
If you know of someone operating their business without a contractor’s license, you can report their unlicensed activity here.

Quality Material Handling’s Contractor’s License: #731100 (B, D34, C16)


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