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Posted by Stephanie on December 9, 2016

Boltless racks, also known as boltless shelving or rivet shelving, are an easy-to-install storage solution for your garage or warehouse. Although installation is easy, knowing exactly what style of boltless racks you need is a little more complex. With boltless shelving being one of our most popular items, we want our customers to be knowledgeable and informed. With so many sizes and options to choose from, first-time buyers may get confused. We’ve created a boltless racking guide that breaks down the components of a boltless shelving unit to expand your understanding.

Angle Post

Used as upright post for standard rivet shelving units.

Single Rivet Beam

A single rivet beam is primarily used as an intermediate shelf support when maximum vertical space between levels is needed and/or capacity is less.

Single Rivet Heavy Duty Beam

Single rivet heavy duty beams are manufactured to provide a higher capacity with very little loss of useable vertical space between shelves.

Double Rivet Beam

Double rivet beams are used to establish unit stability and provide shelf support on all sides. Provides higher capacity than single rivet beams but uses more vertical space between shelves.

Double Rivet Channel Beam

Double rivet channel design provides maximum left-right and front-back stability and higher capacity than standard beams. These cannot be used at floor level.

Double Rivet Channel Heavy Duty Beam

Same use as a standard double rivet channel beam but provides an even higher capacity. These cannot be used at floor level.

Double Rivet Z-Beam

Double rivet Z beams have reduced profile sizes increases vertical clearance and also protects decking edges while maintaining the standard beam capacities.

Tie Support

Tie supports run beam to beam under the shelf decking. Also known as shelf support or center support—used with beams that have double rivets to add stability to beams and increase the shelf capacity. *Note that capacities are based on evenly distributed loads and take shelf structure materials into consideration, not shelf deck materials.

Particle Board

5/8” particle board is the standard decking used for rivet shelving.

Shelf Wire Decking

Wire decking is another stable and secure option for shelves. Doesn’t trap dirt and also makes overhead sprinklers more effective and simple to install.

Tie Plate

The tie plate is a square plate used to join angle posts of shelving units side by side to ensure proper row alignment and stability.

Single Footplate

Single footplates are used to anchor boltless racks to the floor.

Double Footplate

Double footplates are used to anchor boltless racks to the floor. They are twice the size of single footplates to be anchored with two bolts, as opposed to just one.

Assembled Unit

Customer may request that QMH assembles the units before delivery or will call. We can provide this service at a price per unit assembled. This can sometimes be difficult for lager units due to transportation.

Shelving Installation Labor

Customer may request that we install their existing shelving or new shelving in their warehouse. The price for this service is one lot price starting at a minimum of $375.

Unassembled Unit

When a unit is sold the materials for the order will be palletized and it is either delivered or will called at QMH and the customer assembles the unit themselves at their own discretion.


The amount of weight the shelf can hold of an evenly distributed load.

Gauge of Steel

Each gauge number represents the thickness of the steel. Ironically, as the gauge number decreases, the steel becomes thicker.

Shelving Decking

There are various types of decking that can be used on shelving such as particle board, wire decking, steel decking, etc. We can also design custom decking.

Rivet Rack

Rivet shelving is often called rivet rack, boltless shelving, and rapid rack, along with other industry jargon names.

Shelf Opening

The space between shelf levels. For example, a six shelf unit will have five openings.


Still have questions? We’re here to help! Our boltless shelving experts and knowledgeable installation team can assist you with your needs. Call today!


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