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Posted by Stephanie on January 30, 2023

If you’re searching for the perfect shelving systems to use in your warehouse, you might want to look into boltless shelving, which is a type of industrial storage that’s assembled without using any nuts or bolts. This form of shelving is also easy to reconfigure and adjust as needed, which makes it a versatile solution for your warehouse space. The main benefits of using boltless shelving include versatility, durability, and stability.

Choosing the best shelving system is essential if your warehouse requires an ample amount of storage space. However, there are many different options available to you, which may make it challenging to choose the shelving system that matches your needs. Learning about the various shelving systems at your disposal will allow you to make a more informed decision.

While all shelving systems have their advantages, boltless shelves are becoming increasingly popular in warehouses and storage centers because of their easy assembly and high durability. The following offers a detailed look at boltless shelving systems and why they should be installed in your warehouse.

boltless shelves

What are Boltless Shelves?

As touched upon previously, boltless shelving involves any type of shelving that can be put together without using bolts or nuts. There are numerous types of boltless shelving you can purchase for your warehouse. The options vary based on your use of horizontal beams or vertical posts, the unit’s structural integrity, the capacity requirements, and the shelf deck material.

What are Boltless Shelves Used For?

Boltless shelving solutions can be used to store a wide range of different items in numerous sizes. While this heavy-duty racking is available for all kinds of storage, it’s mainly used in factories and warehouses. A notable challenge that warehouse managers must contend with is identifying how to store items in an efficient manner.

Boltless shelving is completely customizable, which means that you can make a configuration that fits perfectly into your facility’s specific layout. Boltless shelving is available as light-duty units or large shelving for bulk storage. You can create the shelving that meets your exact needs.

boltless shelving uses

How to Choose the Right Boltless Shelving

There are multiple types of boltless shelving systems for you to select from, which include single-rivet boltless shelving and long-span boltless shelving.

Regular or Single-rivet Boltless Shelving

Single-rivet boltless shelves can be made from wood, aluminum, or particle-board decking. These systems come with a lightweight structure and simple design, which makes them ideal for the storage of products with a low or medium weight. Single-rivet boltless shelves usually consist of:

  • Cold-rolled sheet steel
  • 48″ steel beams
  • A sleek and lightweight appearance

These boltless shelves are regularly placed in residential garages, small shops, and small packaging distribution facilities.

Long-span Boltless Shelving

The most popular type of boltless shelving system is the long-span version, which comes with a much sturdier frame and is capable of holding heavier items. These shelving units can be a maximum of 96″ wide. The decking and posts for these shelving units are usually made from robust steel to deliver fantastic structural integrity compared to other shelving units.

Even though this unit is stronger because of the added strength, the sole issue with long-span boltless shelves is that they aren’t as accessible as single-rivet units. Supply rooms, distribution centers, and other types of warehouse facilities are usually equipped with long-span shelving. In many warehouses, these shelving units will be combined with other industrial shelving systems, the primary of which is a pallet racking system.

7 Benefits of Installing Boltless Shelving Systems

Choosing to install boltless shelving systems in your warehouse instead of standard shelving should be highly advantageous for your business. The benefits of boltless shelving systems include everything from effortless assembly to better storage optimization.

benefits of boltless shelving

1. Effortless Installation and Assembly

For the majority of boltless shelving systems, you won’t need any special tools to assemble the shelf aside from a standard rubber mallet. This form of shelving comes with interlocking rivets, shelf beams that are able to slide into place, and keyhole slots, all of which reduce assembly time. There’s also no need to install cross bracing. You can support boltless shelving systems with center supports, floor bolts, or anchors.

Boltless shelves are typically made from reinforced, 12-gauge steel. The weight capacity for each shelf that you install in your warehouse can be around 2,000 pounds depending on the exact unit you choose. These shelving systems accommodate heavier items like tools and machinery.

If you want to use high-density storage in your warehouse, consider solid steel boltless shelving that’s constructed with 16-gauge steel. If you obtain shelving units that support up to 1,500 pounds in weight, you can store machine fixtures, dies, and jigs on these shelves.

2. Easy Customization

Boltless shelves are also easy to customize since they come in many different configurations and sizes. You can customize these units to fit the exact amount of space that’s currently available in your facility. Along with small and bulky items, you could store fragile or unusually shapes items on the shelves.

boltless shelving customization

3. Ample Accessibility

A clear advantage of using boltless shelving in your warehouse is the considerable amount of space it offers from every side. By improving the accessibility in your facility, personnel should be able to find items quickly. Cleaning should also be easier, which improves safety and efficiency.

4. Storage Optimization

Boltless shelving can be connected and arranged with very little space between each individual unit, which gives you the ability to maximize your warehouse space. Regardless of the size of warehouse you have, your specific shelving system makes it easy to optimize your space wisely. Because of how boltless shelving is designed, you can store a high number of products on the shelves when compared to standard shelving units.

boltless shelving storage optimization

5. Added Durability and Safety

Boltless shelving systems are typically made from premium steel, which provides them with long-lasting durability. As mentioned previously, these shelves can support as much as 2,000 pounds for high space utilization. Because of its durability, this shelving has proven to be a popular solution for warehouses of all sizes. You’ll benefit from great shelf depth as well as high storage capacity, which means that these units shouldn’t take up much space in your warehouse.

Pre-engineered bulk storage shelves can be as high as 84″. These shelves are meant to be used for hand-loading bulkier items. However, you can also use them as tire racks or garage shelving units. They are often made from 14-gauge steel.

Bulk storage racks can be outfitted with particle board shelves, steel gauge shelves, or fire decking because of their ample customization options. Since these decks don’t come with the shelving units you buy, selecting these decks separately allows you to choose the specific weight capacity, depth dimension, and size you require for your warehouse.

One shelving option that’s often paired with boltless shelving systems is white laminated board, which offers a smooth and moisture-resistant shelving solution for your warehouse. The most common depth is 3/4″. These boards can be found in many different sizes and can be used alongside particle board.

The most durable boltless shelving units are ones that are made with all-welded steel rack decks. These shelves consist of 14-gauge steel as well as a powder coat for added protection. It’s possible for these shelves to support as much as 3,000 pounds, which is ideal for heavier items and machinery.

6. Economical Price Point

If you’re searching for a more affordable and cost-effective shelving solution for your warehouse, boltless shelving is likely your best option. These systems are much more affordable when compared to more traditional shelving units. Despite the economical price point, boltless shelving systems offer high durability, which is why they are considered a sound investment for any warehouse.

7. Amazing Versatility

As mentioned previously, you can modify boltless shelving into many unique configurations, which makes it a highly versatile shelving solution compared to the alternatives. Keep in mind that there aren’t any sway panels or braces used with the shelving, which allows personnel to access these shelves from all directions.

Do you want to reconfigure the layout of your boltless shelving? If so, you won’t need numerous employees or a large tool kit to do so. The entire unit can be disassembled and reassembled in a short period of time. The easy assembly gets rid of the high installation costs that are typically found with other types of storage shelves and racks.

boltless shelving versatility

Why Choose QMH?

Here at QMH, our installation team and boltless shelving experts can answer all of your boltless shelving inquiries before you make a purchase. If you want to know which size and style of boltless shelving is right for your warehouse, we can provide you with recommendations. Our team can also help you determine how the shelving should be installed in your warehouse layout. Contact us today to learn more.

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