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Fire Suppression System

Warehouse Fire Suppression Systems

Get More Warehouse Fire Suppression Protection

Fire: It’s the one word that can strike fear into the heart of any warehouse manager or owner because of the potential for heavy damage or even total loss. QMH has the experience to design and install the most cost-effective and reliable fire suppression systems for your warehouse, including consultation and high pile permitting.

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Warehouse & Egress Lighting

Get Automated Warehouse & Egress Lighting 

At some point, every warehouse and storage facility experiences a power outage. QMH provides egress lighting for your travel plan and emergency lighting systems that activate when you need them and keep the lights on — even when the power is out for an hour or more.

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Concrete Work & Footings

Optimize Concrete Work & Footings to Protect Equipment 

You run the risk of compromising your cantilever racking mezzanines or other valuable indoor or outdoor storage equipment if you don’t have a solid footing. QMH can assess and optimize structural integrity with the right type of concrete footings and determine if additional concrete work is needed. We can oversee the project from start to finish.

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Smoke Vent Inspections & Upgrades

Keep Safe With Smoke Vent Inspections & Upgrades 

Even if a fire is extinguished quickly at your warehouse, smoke buildup can be extremely hazardous. QMH’s general contractors offer comprehensive smoke vent inspections and upgrades to keep you up to code, and your personnel, inventory and building infrastructure safe.

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Warehouse Doors

Warehouse Doors

Safeguard With Warehouse Doors (Exit/Dock)

In most warehouse spaces, internal mobility and exit access is at a minimum. Installing additional exit and dock doors increases mobility and safety for your personnel. QMH can install, repair and replace your industrial doors to meet thermal and fire-rating requirements, while increasing the ability to freely move about the building.

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