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Posted by Stephanie on September 9, 2015

Acquiring permits for your storage racks can be a difficult and confusing process. That’s why there are many companies that specialize in helping customers obtain city and high pile permits. However, it’s extremely important the buyer understands that some companies have little to no experience in the permitting process. Their lack of knowledge and inexperience can bring your storage rack project to a standstill or worse, completely ruin your facility’s chances of obtaining proper permits.


Permits: Hiring a Company for Processing

State Certifications & Licenses

When it comes to permit submittals, a company must have a state certified engineer’s seal of approval on the plans. Also, the company must have a state contractor’s license to legally do the work for the permit submittal process. So before hiring a company to handle your permit acquisition, make sure they have all the right state certifications and licenses!


Engineering Capabilities

The ability to properly determine precise engineering calculations is a very important requirement for permit submittals. Without the correct engineering calculations, your permits will never be approved by city planning and building departments.


Experience with City Planning & Building Departments

Many companies don’t have adequate experience in dealing with city planning and building departments, and that can greatly slow down the permit submittal process. Having a highly experienced permit submittal team is ideal and ensures that your permits will be approved as quickly as possible.


Ability to Draw Plans Accurately & Thoroughly

Floor plans and site plans are required for permit submittal for storage racks. The ability to scale, measure, and draw these plans correctly takes a highly skilled permit technician. Make sure the company you contract has properly trained personnel for dealing with the plans for permit submittal.


Obtain Proof of Permit Submittal & Approval

Whether it’s proof of permit submittal or permit approval, it’s extremely important to verify that the work is actually done. A lot of times, a company might claim they have submitted plans and/or received approval, but they don’t show proof of either. Always have a company physically show your permits and proof of approval.


Approved Pallet Racking Material

There have been cases where pallet racking materials are deemed unsafe or unusable for the permit submittal process. Make sure that the pallet racking materials you use are industry standard and of the highest quality. The materials you acquire must be usable in engineering calculations for city planning and fire department approval.

For example, the anchor bolts that are fastened down into the pallet racking are a part of the permit process. These anchor bolts must be up to code and meet seismic requirements for city and fire permit approval. So, make sure that all pallet racking materials you plan to use are of premium quality and meet regulations.


Proper Pallet Racking Installation

Lastly, the key to permit approval overall is pallet racking installation. The plans submitted for the permit process are that of the pallet racks installed, in relation to where they are in your facility. It is critical that you have an excellent pallet racking installation that gets the job done right for permit approval.


QMH Does It All!

We at Quality Material Handling take pride in our ability to fulfill all needs pertaining to the permit acquisition process from start to finish. With QMH spearheading your permit submittals, you can rest assured that the process will be organized, streamlined, and transparent. Every step of the process is handled meticulously to ensure smooth submission and approval. QMH has years of experience in successful permit acquisitions, and we understand how important permit approval is to you and your business, so we treat your permit like one of our own!


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