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Posted by Stephanie on November 18, 2016

If you find your floor getting cluttered with lumber or piping, cantilever racking systems can offer a clutter-free solution for you. Cantilever racks were designed to eliminate storage problems for items that you wouldn’t likely store on a pallet racking system, and serve as a great storage solution for long and bulky items. These sturdy steel racks are designed to organize your storage and reduce the time it takes to find and unload materials.


What are Cantilever Racking Systems?roll-formed-cantilever-with-lumber

Cantilever racks are made up of columns, arms, bracing, and a base. The base is anchored to the floor to provide optimal strength and security. The sizes of the base, arms, and columns vary depending on the capacity. The arms come in various angles depending on the materials you plan on storing. Unlike pallet racking, cantilever racking systems don’t have a front column, allowing for more storage freedom and versatility. Cantilever racking is more selective since you have immediate access to all of your materials, helping speed up the unloading process. Cantilever racking systems are available in both single and double sided options. If your rack will be placed against a wall, single-sided cantilever racks would be the ideal fit. If you plan on making warehouse aisles, double-sided racks create a denser cantilever system. Also, cantilever racking comes with adjustable arms to allow for storage of materials of any height and length.


What can I use Cantilever Racks for?

Cantilever racking systems are ideal for storing long-length products such as lumber, pipes, bars, rods, carpet rolls, and even furniture. Depending on your application, you can choose between medium duty, heavy duty, and structural cantilever racking systems. Medium duty racks are ideal for products such as wood, pipes, and rods. Heavy duty cantilever racks are designed for safely storing heavy duty tubing, bar stock, and heavier long materials. Structural cantilever rack is used for a variety of heavy duty storage applications, including furniture and other oddly shaped items. With adjustable arms, your storage abilities won’t be limited. And if you decide to change the materials you’ll be storing, you can easily adjust the system to accommodate different sized materials.


How QMH can help

Need a more efficient way to store lumber or other long materials? Need to free up some floor space? We can provide you with a cantilever racking solution. Whether you need medium duty, heavy duty, structural cantilever rack, or a fully customized system, we can design a cantilever racking system that will fit your specified needs. Call today to speak with one of our racking specialists about implementing a storage solution into your facility.


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