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Posted by Stephanie on November 10, 2016

People are always searching for ways to increase efficiency in their warehouse. Finding a racking system that accommodates your inventory system and specific type of materials is vital to cutting costs and increasing productivity in your warehouse. This is the second part of a two-part series on kinds of pallet racking that increase fluidity in your warehouse. Understanding how both Pallet Flow Racks and Carton Flow Rack Systems work will help you decide if either system could be a solution to your inefficient warehouse. Now we’re going to look how a carton flow rack can make your inventory system flow better and improve your warehouse as a whole.


Carton Flow Rack Systems Increase Efficiency

What are carton flow rack systems?

Carton flow rack systems are first-in-first-out (FIFO), single item storage systems often found in warehouses with order picking. Like the pallet flow rack, carton flow racks are also gravity-driven. However, rather than having your products on pallets, carton flow racks allow you to have smaller items placed directly onto the rack for simplified access and increased organization in your warehouse. Cartons or boxes are loaded on one side of the carton flow system onto the sloped wheels and picked from the other end.


How do carton flow rack systems increase warehouse fluidity?

With a carton flow rack system, you can greatly decrease product damage and have better inventory control. Carton flow racks are unique because they can be installed into the bottom
level of existing pallet racks, to allow for diverse and efficient use of your warehouse storage space. The rollers help cut labor costs and save time in your warehouse by doing much of the work for you. Your inventory will always be flowing, and easy to pick when you need it. Carton flow systems can be custom designed to fit your specific needs.  Choose between roller lanes, sloped shelving, wheel rails, and more. If you’re storing heavier items, full-width when rollers will likely accommodate your materials better and keep your boxes and cartons from getting dented. If you’re storing small and light items, roller lanes will keep them separated because the rollers all roll independently of each other.  There are also options to have sloped shelves without rollers, which could be beneficial based on what materials are being stored. Additionally, if you are constantly changing what items are being stored on your racks, it’s easy to reconfigure this system.


Who should use carton flow racking?

Products commonly stored on carton flow racks include candy, small tools or parts, as well as other small packages. The system can be designed around SKU numbers to maximize the organization of your storage system.  Carton flow rack systems are ideal for uses such as paper storage, distribution, food and beverage storage, and other small-item applications.


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