Case Study: Food Distribution Company in Rosemead, CA | QMH
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Food Distribution Company


38,000 sqft - Rosemead, CA


  • Food storage system for pallets & packaging
  • Simple Loading & Unloading
  • Improved Productivity


900 - Pallet Positions of Selective Pallet Racking


This project was done for a food distribution company in need of an efficient storage system for pallets as well as smaller food packages in their new warehouse location. Additionally, the height of the docks at this new facility did not match that of the trucks, creating a challenging loading and unloading process between trucks and the facility. The company needed pallet racking and dock equipment that would help improve the productivity of their warehouse facility.


1. Selective racking did not efficiently accommodate storage for a variety of different spices that come in smaller packages. Order picking spices was inefficient and needed an updated process.

2. There was a height difference between the trucks and the level of the docks at the warehouse making it difficult to move product in and out of the warehouse.


1. Selective racking was installed for pallet storage. We installed span track on the bottom level of their racking system to store the smaller packages. Each bay has 7 rows to organize by SKU and simplify the order picking process.

2. We also installed five edge of dock levelers to smooth the process of loading and unloading truck containers into the warehouse. Bumper blocks were included to provide optimal safety and avoid any damage to trucks or to the facility.