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Posted by Stephanie on March 18, 2016

If you’re looking to invest in more dock equipment for your facility, you may have considered installing a concrete ramp. Access ramps have more to offer and can be superior to concrete ramp installation for various reasons. Here are a few details as to why making the alternative decision to install an access ramp can save you money and benefit you in the long run.

access ramp

An Access Ramp Installs Faster

Once your access ramp arrives, it’s ready for use! We can ship the ramp directly to your facility in a matter of days, rather than spending time and resources on planning and pouring a concrete ramp. With concrete, once poured you must wait for it to set, and the entire process can take weeks to complete. Poor weather conditions can also delay the installation of a concrete ramp, a limitation that could easily be avoided by purchasing a stationary steel access ramp.

Stationary Access Ramp with Manual Crank, Safety Chains, and Extension Flaps

You Move, the Ramp Moves With You

Allow yourself room to grow and relocate as your business continues to grow. An access ramp should be looked at as an investment that you can take with you anywhere you go. Additionally, as opposed to installing a concrete ramp, you will not have to go through the trouble of getting approval and permission if you’re temporarily renting your warehouse space.

Weather is never a Threat

Concrete can become slick and icy in harsh weather conditions, making it hazardous and unsafe for use. Access ramps are constructed with strong steel serrated grating which allows for traction in all weather conditions. Concrete ramps also face drainage issues, which can also be avoided by opting for a mobile access ramp.

Increase Your Versatility and Mobility

Don’t limit yourself to one location or facility set-up. If you needed to move your ramp to reorganize your distribution center, an access ramp will make the job quick and easy. A concrete ramp limits your ability to adapt to changes you may need to make in order for your business to grow and be more productive.

Overall, an access ramp is the obvious investment to make when purchasing dock equipment for your facility. Don’t limit yourself to a concrete project that takes more time and can only last as long as you stay at your current location. Don’t need a ramp anymore? Used Access Ramps can still sell for thousands of dollars, while a concrete ramp cannot be sold or redistributed.

Let your next investment in dock equipment benefit your business! Call 800-404-RACK today to speak with one of our dock equipment experts. We can custom-build and will buy used materials at a fair price!

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