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Posted by Stephanie on July 28, 2021

We are so honored to be able to partner up with an organization that aligns with our values. This past March we partnered up with our friends from American Veterans Assistance Group (AVAG) once again to help clean up the community.

QMH receives an Appreciation Plaque

In January we were presented with an appreciation plaque from AVAG for our support last Thanksgiving. We are truly honored to be recognized for this and appreciate that AVAG organized the event and allowed us to take part in it.

“We had the opportunity to meet Doreen through one of our employees, our Warehouse Manager, Steve Gandara. Our Team at QMH is all about giving back and wanted to partner with an organization that would allow us to be hands on. Giving back is such a blessing, by partnering up with Doreen, the Chaplain at American Veterans Assistance Group (AVAG), we were able to set up our Thanks for Giving Event and deliver 130 hot turkey dinners for Veterans at Casitas La Verne Mobile Estates last Thanksgiving. We would like to give a special thanks to AVAG for allowing us to participate. It was such a successful event and a heartwarming experience. We can’t wait to see how much more we can do together this year.”   

– Brenda Pinto 

Community Cleanup Project 

On March 6th we joined American Veterans Assistance Group (AVAG) for a Community Cleanup Project. For their Serve Day, AVAG organized a clean up day at a local mobile home park in Rialto, CA. We gathered some of our team totaling to over 25 volunteers and met up with our friend Chaplin Doreen Matsumoto and the AVAG team at Santiago Parkside Estates.

The community park houses many people including seniors and retired Veterans. Some of the people we met did not have the means to take care of tasks to meet the parks requirements on the maintenance of their homes. Together we were able to help with cleaning in and around their homes. Our team got hands on and did a little bit of everything including cleaning windows, breaking down and disposing of an old shed, pulling weeds, removing of unwanted material such as old mattresses and cabinets and so much more.

We are so proud of our team and love that together we share desire to give back. We met a lot of wonderful people and are so happy we could help in any way!

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Making a Difference

Our team really embodies our Core Values and loves to make an impact. Last year we teamed up for our Thanks for Giving event and since then our group of volunteers grew by 150%. As a team we plan to continue to work with AVAG on events like this to reach as many people in need. We are so thankful for this partnership and appreciate everyone from AVAG who help makes this possible.

For information on how you can help AVAG make a difference visit: https://avagusa.com/donate/.


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