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Contractor License #731100 (B, D34)

Posted by Stephanie on February 8, 2016

This project took place in Santa Ana, California for an equipment distribution company. This company was having an issue with their designated dock at their warehouse facility. Due to an uneven slope in the area for their access ramp, their containers were unable to access the dock. They needed a custom access ramp built to accommodate the incline and allow them to have full-functioning access to the dock at their warehouse facility. Ultimately they needed a ramp that could unload containers safely due to the property space.

Making a Custom Access Ramp

The biggest struggle we faced was tackling this sloped surface. We designed a custom access ramp to accommodate their uneven surface to provide them with a loading dock solution. Using our 24 years of expertise of providing warehouse solutions, our experienced welders and installers manufactured a custom ramp at our factory here in the US. Our solution strategy involved welding and constructing a large steel platform onto the end of the access ramp, as you can see in the photo below. This custom access ramp took us about two weeks to fabricate and only one day to install.

Problems Identified:

  • The area they were using for an access ramp was sloped and uneven, making it unsafe to use the ramp.
  • They were unable to access the dock safely due to its position which prevented them from unloading containers at the dock.


Solutions Provided by QMH:

  • We customized the access ramp by constructing a stationary elevated platform that leveled their container with the platform so that the dock could be accessed safely and easily.
  • On the other end of the ramp, we welded an edge dock leveler to provide a solution to the problem with the sloped surface.


End Result:

The customer was extremely pleased with the quality and solution we provided them. They are now able to unload their containers safely with their new custom access ramp.


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