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Posted by Stephanie on January 28, 2016

Learn everything you need to know about forklift trucks and order pickers in order to decide which would be the most useful machinery for you. Although made with similar designs each are designed to carry out specific functions to provide you with an efficient system to store and organize your loaded pallets.



A forklift truck is designed with protected cab for a driver and two prongs on the front to move and carry heavy loads around your factory or warehouse. Their source of power can vary between electric, gas, and diesel. When your load is sitting on pallets, the forklift prongs can fit easily into the pallet to move and carry your heavy load rapidly. The prongs move up and down so that they can fit into a pallet rack at almost any height. This gives easy access to loads on tall pallet racking and makes staking pallets easy. Constructed to fit in narrow aisle spaces, a forklift maneuvers around crowded warehouses with ease. Forklifts can also be useful on construction sites or in shipment yards.

The most common type of forklift is a counterbalance forklift truck. The name comes from its design for carrying weight on the front, as it has a weight placed on the back of the truck to offset the heavy front load. The counterbalance has two forks at the front of the machine for the truck to be driven forward able to align the forks straight into the pallet that they are loading or unloading.


Order Pickers

Order Picker have the opposite purpose of a standard forklifts. Great for single item hand picking, order pickers are designed with a platform for the operator to stand on and easily access inventory. With direct access to your inventory and storage for labeling, identifying, and finding materials efficiently. The key benefit of an order picker is that it increases productivity. It skips the tedious work of loading and unloading pallets in order to find something that a forklift would require, and is therefore cost reducing. If you have a diversified product inventory or an order picking system, an order picker would be a great addition to your warehouse.




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