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Posted by Stephanie on April 1, 2015

Just one month into the Recovery, we are so glad, as an experienced leader in the Material Handling Industry, to help spearhead the efforts to relieve Southern California’s devastated trade economy. For 24 years, we’ve worked hard to build a successful business, understand and care about our customers, and know how important it is right now to be able to help relieve the pressure on Southern California businesses. The entire nation is focused on recovering from the polarizing nine-month labor dispute.

According to Breitbart.com and USA Today, the strike caused a $2 billion-a-day damage to the U.S. economy. As a result, the local SoCal business community, so deeply dependent on trade and its seaports, is dealing with an enormous pile-up of containers and inventory, sitting backed up in ports up and down the coast. Since 1991, the Pintos have built their family business on caring about every customer and being there to answer and find an expert solution to their material handling needs. QMH will contribute its warehouse solutions expertise to help with logistics and moving products quickly to sales floors to revive the community’s business, one customer at a time.

The stockpile, caused by The International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) strike, is said to have left produce rotting in seaports from Tacoma to San Diego. Being such an integral part of this industry, QMH staff has personally seen how this is affecting its valued new and existing customers and friends. For our Warehouse Manager, Oscar Pinto, the experience has been especially moving, “We have felt first-hand the pain this strike has caused our clients. We arduously strive to partner with our customers and have spent many hours preparing to hit the ground running. We have increased our equipment inventory and warehouse logistical solutions and will be available for consultations to relieve the headaches and worries this has caused.”

Many businesses that rely on products from the import-export industry are painfully struggling to stay afloat. To get past this and restore a healthy economy, the community must work together as a team to ensure a solid business outcome for the short and long term. With experience and commitment, we can look forward to reestablishing the normal freight-moving frenzy we so value and depend on here in Southern California.

During our workday, we have come together of one mind. We will contribute our customer-centric integrated material handling products, services and technology to every step of the economic recovery. We have exponentially increased our stock of products in affected areas including unloading containers and designing or redesigning warehouses to enable reduction or expansion of existing storage systems. Equipment (both new and used) to easily move inventory is available for rental or purchase. This includes yard ramps, dock boards, fork lifts, pallet jacks and racks (upright, wire decking and load beams), boltless shelving and much more. Our services include equipment buy-backs, tear-downs, complete clean-ups and repairs and or course, as always, free consultations and financing are available.

“Thank goodness, our knowledgeable staff can ease some of the financial and logistical pressure that has built up as a result of this shut-down. They can direct people to the most appropriate products and warehouse solutions,” Oscar added. “Our company is a licensed contractor, so we can help redesign existing space or facilitate relocation to smaller or larger headquarters.”

We at QMH look forward to contributing our years of experience and every asset we have to offer, to helping our customers and our community, both near and further out, affected by this devastating nine-month shutdown. Let’s make a plan to congratulate, celebrate and say thanks when our work together is completed and business is healthy. We’ll all need more staff and hours to share the growing success.
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