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Posted by Stephanie on October 25, 2016

Looking to store smaller items in your warehouse? Industrial boltless shelving, commonly referred to as rivet shelving, has been providing warehouses with a variety of storage solutions for years. Its advanced boltless design simplifies and makes assembly a breeze. Contrary to pallet racking, boltless shelving is designed for storing small or oddly shaped items. Read about the benefits boltless shelving can offer you in your warehouse!

Customizable Industrial Boltless Shelving Solutions

1. Customizable

Boltless shelving is more customizable than any other style of warehouse shelving. You can custom order units at a variety of heights with your desired number of levels. The shelves are adjustable, making it easy to swap out inventory or adjust levels for different sized items. Each unit’s levels can be structured differently to accommodate a large variety of items.

2. Easy & Flexible Assembly

The only tool you really need for assembly is a mallet—assembling boltless shelving units is a quick and easy process. You have the flexibility to create the most productive design for your desired use. Units are adjustable in 1.5 inch increments vertically. Standard units come with 5/8” particle board. You also have the option of mesh wire decking for increased visibility and air flow.

3. Durability

Industrial boltless shelving is made from 14-gauge steel for strong support. Shelving units are able to handle heavy capacities by adding center supports to increase the amount of storable weight on each level. Capacities for each unit can range anywhere from 600-1750 lbs. Sizes range from 36” x 18” to 96” x 48” and are customizable to fit your specified needs.

4. Product Visibility

Everything stored on industrial shelving is visible, as opposed to large bin or pallet storage which makes it harder to find items. Boltless shelving often improves the order picking process with its increased visibility advantages.

5. Unique Item Storage

Some of the most common items stored on industrial boltless shelving include archives, computer parts and carpet or fabric rolls. No need to stack bulky items or put them in boxes on pallets, where they become harder to locate and access. Bulky and oddly-shaped items can be stored more efficiently on boltless shelving. In addition to this, storing fragile and breakable items is made easy and can cut costs of damages that result from constantly breaking items that are stored on other racking systems.

6. Economical Answer to More Space

Shelving units are more affordable than other types of warehouse racking. Not only this, but boltless shelving can be stored more closely together than pallet racking would be to increase floor space in your facility. Invest in an efficient storage solution that frees up space in your warehouse, allowing room for growth!

QMH Provides Warehouse Shelving Solutions

Need boltless shelving? We can provide you with customized shelving to fit your needs, as well as delivery and installation. If you’re not sure if boltless shelving is right for what you’re storing, call one of our shelving experts and we’ll help you determine the type of storage system that’s perfect for you.

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