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Posted by Stephanie on November 1, 2016

If your business is growing and you have considered moving into a larger building—firstly consider the cost effective solutions that industrial mezzanines can offer. Mezzanines are constructed steel platforms that add an additional level(s) of floor space to your building. They have a wide variety of uses and applications. The following are just a few ways investing in a mezzanine could transform your warehouse or business.

4 Ways Industrial Mezzanines can Transform Your Warehouse

1. Additional storage spaceindustrial mezzanines

The first application a mezzanine could be used for is additional storage space. If you’re running out of room on your existing floor, bringing in a mezzanine will free up floor space and increase your storage capacity abilities. Everything you need to store can be kept on site and easily accessed in your existing space.


2. Create new office space

Another problem many businesses run into during times of growth is not having enough office space for new employees. A mezzanine however, is a great solution to this problem. Don’t rush into purchasing a new office building—utilize your existing facilities and utilities that you already pay for and install a mezzanine that can be used as additional office space without taking up too much room in your building.


3. Work platforms

Pallet rack platform mezzanines provide walkways for your employees to easily access inventory. Increase your order picking abilities for small parts by installing mezzanines within your storage system. Additionally, overhead walkways can be installed in factories and warehouses for employees to oversee equipment and travel safely through a warehouse, avoiding forklift traffic.


4. More retail floor space

Installing a mezzanine in your retail space can greatly improve organization and create a better experience for your customers. Additionally, your store has room to grow and expand inventory with additional available space. Installing a mezzanine will be a fast process, versus having to shut down your store and constructing an entirely new floor—which would end up being a more costly process.


Additional benefits mezzanines offer:

Cost effective:industrial mezzanines

No long-term construction costs will incur if you choose to install a mezzanine. Mezzanines are the affordable way to obtain the extra space you need, without new building costs.


Quick installation:

Because mezzanines are pre-manufactured to your custom specifications, installation goes pretty quickly. Construction time in your facility is minimized since most of the work is done by the time of delivery. Some mezzanine projects can be completed in as little as one day.



If you do eventually need to relocate, you can take your mezzanine with you. If you’re just looking to redesign or reorganize your facility, the mezzanine can be moved to a new location in your facility instead.


Flexible and customizable design:

You can customize the size and configuration of your mezzanine to fit around existing obstacles in your warehouse. If you ending up needed more space in the future, you could always add on to your mezzanine.


Need a mezzanine?

Our mezzanine experts can design and construct a mezzanine that will meet all of your specified needs. Call 800-404-7225 today to speak with a mezzanine expert about increasing the usable floor space in your facility.


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