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Posted by Stephanie on September 29, 2015

Having the proper storage solution for your inventory is very important, especially when storing food. Chrome wire shelving units are the ideal storage method for places such as restaurants and medical facilities. When dealing with large amounts of perishable items in your facility, storage must be sanitary and easy to manage. That’s why Chrome Wire Shelving is recommended in restaurants, kitchens, medical facilities, and any place where sanitation is highly important.

Two Types of Chrome Wire Shelving Units:

Chrome Plated

Chrome plated shelving units are most commonly seen in restaurant businesses because they are rust resistant and, depending on the configuration, can hold up to 400 pounds per shelf. Chrome plated wire shelving is affordable, durable, and safe to use for all kinds of storage, particularly food.

Epoxy Coated

Although chrome plated wire shelving is rust resistant, it isn’t completely rust-free. This is where epoxy coated wire shelving is useful. Most restaurants have large walk-in coolers with food storage equipment in them, and epoxy coated wire shelves are perfect inside these walk-in coolers since they are completely rust-free.

Options & Accessories

Let’s not forget that with both types of wire chrome shelving units, locking caster wheels are an available option for easy mobility. These wheels not only make the chrome wire shelving mobile but also provide much needed clearance off the ground, which is important for food safety. Lastly, wire chrome shelving is perfect for food storage because it allows the right amount of air circulation, adding to the safety and longevity of perishable items.

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) pays close attention to shelving products in the food industry because after all, food storage is directly related to food safety. In fact, it’s an industry standard that all food storage equipment be NSF certified.

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