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Posted by Stephanie on November 28, 2016

Having an efficiently running area for loading docks is a high priority for manufacturing and distribution operations. Some warehouse docks however, tend to get unorganized, inefficient, and can become chaotic.

Have you invested in Equipment for Loading Docks?

Dock equipment such as wheel risers, dock boards, and dock plates will maintain productivity and help make your receiving and shipping process smooth and efficient. If you are looking to improve the flow and operation of your warehouse docks, learn more about dock equipment to decide what could provide a solution to your dock related problems. The following equipment can help your facility maintain productivity and help make the shipping and receiving process a breeze.

Access Ramps and Yard Ramps


Access ramps and yard ramps are one of the most common solutions to loading dock problems. Ramps are used to provide ground to dock access. Depending on your business and number of docks you have, you may consider a mobile ramp as an alternative to an access ramp. Access ramps are installed for permanent use, where mobile ramps come with wheels and can easily be moved around the yard with a forklift if you need to make room for trucks or other materials. Yard ramps have more flexibility, able to provide a ramp from the dock to the ground or from a truck container to the ground if needed. Ramps are constructed with steel for strength and stability. Their serrated grating designed ramp surface provides traction for your forklifts in any weather conditions.

Dock Boards for Loading Docks


Loading Dock Boards
Dock boards bring safety and efficiency to our warehouse. Dock boards are designed to smooth out the loading and unloading process from docks to containers. If your dock is at a different level than the truck containers, a dock boards fill in the space and give you an angled surface to roll your shipments up and down with ease. Dock boards come with curbs, legs, and a lifting chain for added safety.

Loading Dock Plates


Dock plates are designed for lighter activity. If your dock has lower volume loading and unloading, a dock plate may be the ideal solution for you. Dock plates are NOT made for fork lifts or any heavy power equipment—they should be used with hand trucks and pallet jacks only. Dock plates secure the space between the dock and the trailer to smooth the surface and ease the movement of heavy items.

Loading Dock Levelers


Dock levelers are installed at the edge of the dock to close the gap between the truck bed and your warehouse floor. They correct height differences between loading docks and truck containers. They have a handle that makes the leveler easy to operate and adjust when needed.

Wheel Risers


If your warehouse with docks are too high for shipment trucks, one of the most cost effective solutions available are wheel risers. Choose between steel or aluminum to raise the wheels of shipment trucks high enough for the truck’s trailer to reach the level of the dock. This can speed up the loading or unloading process greatly. They are constructed to withstand high capacities for heavy loads, starting at 30,000 lbs.

QMH Manufactured Equipment for Loading Docks


Improve your shipping and receiving with equipment for loading docks from QMH. We offer a wide variety of dock equipment. From safety rails and dock bumpers for your loading dock, to dock plates and ramps to ease access into your warehouse. We offer standard sizes, but offer custom manufacturing. All QMH dock equipment is made to order, with American made steel, welded and manufactured in California.

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