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Know what you're getting

At Quality Material Handling, when you choose our services, you can rest assured that your warehouse will receive exactly what it requires. Our dedicated San Diego, CA Account Manager will personally conduct a site visit, ensuring a thorough inspection to understand your unique requirements.

During the site visit, your Account Manager will inspect various key aspects to guarantee a perfect fit for your warehouse:

  • Weight Verification:
    We will assess the weight-bearing capacity of your warehouse to ensure it can handle the intended loads effectively and safely.

  • Check Pallet Dimensions:
    Understanding your pallet dimensions is crucial to optimize storage capacity and layout efficiently.

  • Verify Field Condition for Perimeter:
    We will carefully inspect the perimeter area to assess any potential challenges or opportunities for maximizing space usage.

  • Check Fire Suppression Calculation Plate:
    Safety is our priority. Our inspection includes evaluating the adequacy of fire suppression systems to safeguard your assets.

  • Floor Plan Sketch of Expansion:
    To help visualize the potential expansion, we will provide a detailed floor plan sketch, considering your specific requirements.

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We will handle the coordination

By entrusting your warehousing project to our San Diego, CA Project Coordinator, you can focus on your core business activities, knowing that the coordination and execution are in expert care.

Your Project Coordinator will manage:

  • Resource Allocation:
    Our coordinator will carefully assess the requirements of your project and allocate the right resources to get the job done effectively. Whether it's manpower, equipment, or materials, we'll make sure everything is in place.

  • Task Planning:
    A well-organized plan is crucial for a successful project. Our coordinator will meticulously outline each task, set clear milestones, and establish a timeline to keep everything on track.

  • Timely Completion:
    We understand the importance of meeting deadlines. Our Project Coordinator will closely monitor the progress of the project and proactively address any potential issues to ensure timely completion.

  • Effective Communication:
    Communication is key to a successful collaboration. Our coordinator will keep you informed throughout the process, providing regular updates and addressing any concerns that may arise.

Your warehouse will be compliant by the city of San Diego, CA

Our San Diego, CA Permit Technician will take care of all safety regulations and requirements necessary to obtain a high pile permit for your warehouse. You can rely on their expertise to ensure that your warehouse complies with all the necessary safety standards, making the process smooth and hassle-free for you.

Our crew then finishes the job.

Once all the preparations are complete, our highly trained and experienced San Diego, CA Installation Team takes charge of finishing the job. This dedicated team is comprised of licensed, bonded, and insured professionals, ensuring the utmost reliability and safety throughout the process.

To ensure smooth execution, we have a well-structured team with an Installation Supervisor, a Head Foreman, and a crew. Their collective expertise guarantees that your project will be meticulously handled from start to finish, leaving no room for errors or oversights.

After the final inspection... You are all set!

You can be confident that everything is in place and ready to go. Our Team of San Diego, CA Experts have been with you every step of the way, from the beginning to the end, ensuring a successful outcome for your project.


Years Material Handling Experience

We have the expertise needed to solve your toughest material handling challenges while meeting your industry’s code requirements.


States Served

We love to solve challenging warehouse storage problems and aim have providing end-to-end storage solutions for warehousing and shelving companies all throughout the U.S.


Million Square Feet

We are relentless about quality and efficiency and work with companies of all sizes who have distribution center, logistic and warehouse needs. We have served numerous clients with facility sizes ranging from 1,500 - 1.5 million Sq. Ft.

It's that simple.

"Great experience working with Ben & Chris and the team at Quality Material Handling. We had an emergency project, which they turned & completed in a little over a week. Previously contracted their services at our Fashion Island location, and this newest project was completed in Beverly Hills. Will definitely be using them at our other locations going forward. Thanks again for the support!"

Oliver Chang


“It’s a game changer for us. It’s going to make our everyday business a lot more efficient and it’s going to be a lot smoother.”

Kahiau Freitas

Reverse Logistics Manager

How was the permitting process?

"It was awesome! The owner, Hector came in and spent half of his day in the building with us. He’s awesome — a really cool guy. The installation was perfect!”


Warehouse Manager

"QMH really nailed it on all of those Core Values. I think that you live by them and it's apparent in the whole process. "

Jason Brant

Warehouse Manager

"Got a 10' loading dock & 30' ramp combination from QMH. Really impressed with the quality of manufacturing and the sturdiness of the whole setup. Highly recommend!"

Tara Para

“You’ve got a great team. I was surprised at the number of people that I was getting contacted by: the installation team, the permitting team… It was like you were working with us, just like partners! That was really cool.”

Mike Shaughnessy

Vice President & General Manager

“I think Quality Material Handling is a really good company that provides a nice service with a good price and their stuff is really nice. I also think their working group is efficient and they do the work really quickly and on time.”


Warehouse Manager

"We have been working with this company for years....They have really gone above and beyond to help us figure out what we need. They do not push you to make expensive decisions either. Tony has been fantastic and the staff have always been on top of everything. It's also awesome because they do absolutely massive jobs but also treat you well when you just need a few racks."

Tyler Angelos


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