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Posted by Stephanie on July 28, 2021

At QMH, we understand that every facility and customer have different logistical needs, dock conditions and/or limitations. To keep business running smoothly, maintaining an operational loading dock is a must. Therefore, we create dock equipment to improve safety and help you get products in and out faster. We love challenges and are dedicated to finding innovative custom dock solutions to meet every customer’s access needs.

The QMH factory started back in 2010 when we began renovate Yard Ramps. Our mission has always been to serve and/or create a world where people and products are handled the right way. Today we manufacture a full line of Dock Equipment which includes the following:

  • Dock Boards
  • Mobile Yard Ramps
  • Access Ramps
  • Platforms (that serve as free-standing docks or dock extensions).
  • Custom Dock Solutions that consist of a combination of the above products.

Mobile Yard Ramps and Stationary Dock Access Ramps 

Our ramps are an important piece of dock equipment and probably our most popular product for solving loading dock problems. Access Ramps are used to provide ground to dock access. They are installed onto the edge of the dock for permanent use. As an alternative for a facility that does not have a dock, mobile Yard Ramps are a great solution to gain access from the ground to trucks or trailers. Our mobile Yard Ramps are on wheels and can easily be moved around the yard with a forklift.

Both QMH Yard Ramps and QMH Access Ramps are constructed from high-grade, heavy-duty steel and have standard safety features which include the following:

  • Serrated grating which provides traction for your forklifts in any weather conditions.
  • Solid steel diamond plates at the front and end of the ramp for smooth transition on and off the ramp.
  • Upgraded 15” channels for increased durability.

Manufacturing Custom Solutions

Along with fabricating standard dock solutions, we can manufacture innovative Custom Dock Solutions to help increase efficiency and the safety of your facility. We take care of the whole process including design, fabrication, delivery and installation all completed by our experienced team. Some of the solutions we have built include dock extensions, dock platforms, added extra docks and even and even created free-standing dock platform with an Access Ramp for ground to dock movement. Our goal is to design a custom solution that will increase productivity and the number of trucks or trailers you can accommodate at a time.

Customization options including size, capacity, additional dock platforms, hand railings, and more.

Examples of Custom Dock Solutions 

Custom Dock Extension & Access Ramp

48″ high X 14′ long X 8′ deep Dock Extension Platform

102″ wide X 30′ long Access RampNRemovable handrailingN8″ Sloped platform height 


Custom Yard Ramps

2 – 72″ wide X 29′ long Access Ramps with one side to be linkable

Custom made to link together expanding the width to 12′ when combined

Dock Extensions/Platforms

Dock extension to change direction of the dock entryN

8′ X 8′ PlatformN

Safety handrailsNEdge of Dock Leveler N

Custom paint


Custom Stationary Freestanding Dock

38″ high X 6′ deep X 20′ long Dock Platform with a  78″ wide X 30′ long Access RampNHandrailing for safe pedestrian usage NEdge of Dock LevelerAdding Additional Docks NExterior Platform (12′ wide X 30′ long) with handrailing on both endsNExterior Platform providing 8 addtional docks with Edge of Dock LevelersNInterior Platform (48″ high X 30′ wide X 33′ long) with safety handrails on 2 sides and 8″ forklift toe guards on all sidesN

2 Custom Access Ramps with handrailing – 1 (12′ wide X 30′ long) and 1 (16′ wide X 30′ long)


Custom Dock Platforms

10′ wide X 63′ long Custom Platform with a  removable 10′ X 10′ sectionN42″ Handrailing N

Height sloped at 3′ 11″ high on the north building to 3′ 4″ high on the south building





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