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Posted by Stephanie on November 14, 2017

Born and raised in Southern California, Ben Cisneros has played an essential part in the growth of QMH over the past five years. Now the Sales Manager at QMH, Ben continues to bring his excitement and exceptional knowledge to the field and to the office. Before his time at QMH, Ben attended California State University-Fullerton for Business but also had a strong background in Advanced Calculus and Programming. These qualifications made Ben into an excellent salesman and quickly became a rock star in the warehouse racking businesses. Ben’s exceptional work ethic has carried him far in the industry and has earned him a reputation for being a great leader with outstanding customer service. Ben is known to go out of his way to make sure each customer is completely satisfied with the service provided. We sat down with Ben to ask him some questions that truly reflected his character.



What Motivates You Every Day?

“Besides the drive to be the best and to excel in everything I do, my major motivation is expanding our team. I want to be able to provide good jobs for as many people as possible. The way I see this happening is by growing the company’s sales and expanding our product line to include more professional services.”


Most Valuable Lesson Learned

“The most valuable lesson I have learned is that it doesn’t matter who the other team is, it matters who is on your team. I have been blessed to have a great team here at QMH. I know that if we go up against other companies, that our team is what gives us an edge. They are great to work with and are always thinking of new ways to improve things.”


Some Favorite Things You Enjoy Doing?

“I enjoying meeting up with friends to talk and discuss current events. I enjoy reading and keeping up to date on the new achievements in the industry. It is fascinates me to see what is being done. I also enjoy bike riding on occasion.”


Something Unique About You?

“Proud to say I have a Rocket Scientist for a Father.”


What Is Your Favorite 90’s Song?

“Let’s go with the “Eye of the Tiger” it was released in 82′ but was re-released in 95 for Rocky III.”


What Do You Enjoy The Most About QMH?

“I enjoy the people and seeing them succeed. It motivates me to see them grow and achieve great things.”



Selflessness is key to being an extraordinary leader and here at QMH we are fortunate to have a valuable leader like Ben Cisneros. Learn more about our amazing team and much more through our Meet The QMH Family blogs!

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