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Posted by Clarissa Palomares on February 11, 2022

Different Styles of Pallet Rack Uprights

Interlake Old Style: Also known as teardrop, named for the shape of the holes, this style of upright is one of the more popular because it offers quick and easy assembly. Unlike other styles that need fasteners or clips to assemble, the teardrop can be slid right into place. The teardrop shape keeps the upright in a locked and sturdy position to maintain strong support between the upright and beams with 2 inches between the holes.

Interlake New Style: This updated style of teardrop uprights has angular holes, and is usually compatible with old style beams as well.

Sammons: This style is very similar to the classic teardrop style upright, the main difference being that there are 4 inches between the upright holes rather than 2.

Structural: Structural uprights are designed with thicker steel to maximize support for heavy loads, constructed with bolts that secure the beam and upright together.

Uncarco T-Bolt: With rectangular holes and straight edges, this style is simple to install, taking one turn of a bolt to lock the beams and uprights into place, creating a t-shape where the beam and the upright are bolted together.

Ridge-U-Rack: With this particular style, the beam is designed with pieces that fit into the upright holes in a way that’s similar to key holes.

Protect Your Uprights!

In order to protect your pallet rack uprights from forklift damage and provide optimal support and safety in a warehouse, it is highly recommended to get column guards as an accessory for your uprights. Column guards are constructed to protect uprights from getting bent and dented which could lead to weakening upright support and potential for a pallet rack to collapse over time as a result of reoccurring damage to the uprights. Column guards will keep your system safe and secure!


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