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Contractor License #731100 (B, D34)

Posted by Stephanie on October 8, 2015

Quality Material Handling has over 24 years of experience modifying and improving warehousing storage systems and facilities. This project took place in San Diego County. This Southern California warehouse facility was inefficient, with major issues such as limited storage, improper spacing for forklift usage, and inefficient inventory management. The QMH team was excited to take on this project and turn it into an efficient, effective and safe work environment.

Problems Identified:

  1. Their existing heavy duty pallet racking ran along the facility vertically, resulting in inefficient use of their forklifts. The lack of efficiency stemmed from the long path of travel from the dock to the pallet positions due to the configuration.
  2. Improper spacing of the pallet racks resulted in smaller aisles, impeding the use of forklifts and creating potential hazards in the facility. This also caused damage to the upright frames over time.
  3. The facility was also using smaller shelving units that did not fulfill their storage needs and used an unnecessarily large portion of their warehouse square footage.

Solutions provided by QMH:

Our warehouse specialists decided to completely redesign the warehouse to maximize space, storage, and efficiency.

  • Performed a complete teardown of existing pallet racks and boltless shelving.
  • Pallet Rack Installation of brand new racks with higher levels, more capacity and increased pallet positions.
  • Designed and installed a boltless shelving catwalk mezzanine. This replaced the preexisting smaller shelving units and provided more storage in less space. All items in their storage system are now easily accessible and manageable.
  • Custom workbenches were designed for the shipping and processing department. The new workbenches now allow for more efficient processing and packaging.

After completely redesigning their warehouse layout and professionally installing their pallet racking and boltless shelving mezzanine to meet all proper city codes, QMH created a safer and more efficient environment. The new storage system allows for much safer forklift use, improved inventory management, and increased storage by maximizing the facility’s work area.

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