How-to Obtain a Warehouse Permit

Warehouse Racking Permits: A How-To Guide

how-to obtain a warehouse permitTrying to figure out how to obtain a warehouse permit? The process of obtaining a permit for warehouse storage rack installation can seem like a significant hurdle at first glance. However, with a little planning and some foresight, getting your warehouse racking permit can be completed in seven simple steps. Join us as we look at how easy the process can be!

As an experienced distributor of warehouse racking systems, we’ve experienced our share of the permit process. The first time you go through the process of obtaining a warehouse permit, the process can get extremely complicated and exhausting, so we laid it out in seven simple steps. This guide will help you better understand what to expect when planning and installing new or additional warehouse storage racks.

Step 1: Preliminary Request

This will allow you to determine which types of materials you will need, as well as the required strengths and weight capacities of the materials for your project.

Step 2: Site Visit

We’ll send a warehouse specialist to your site to determine where the warehouse racking will be placed and in which configuration. With that, we create a warehouse floor plan of your racking systems along with a site plan.

Step 3: Structural Calculations

This is similar to your preliminary request but more detailed with all the specific measurements determined during the site visit. Especially in California with its frequent seismic activity (i.e. lots of earthquake activity daily), your structural calculations will include seismic information for your specific address, which is all done by our licensed structural engineers.

Step 4: Prepare Package for Presentation

The idea behind the first three steps is to make sure we have all of the prerequisites in place. It’s far easier to get approval when your project permit package is prepared correctly, rather than to having to resubmit because of errors or missing information.

Step 5: Submit Project to City & City Review

Once your city receives your plan, they’ll review it and either pass it along to the inspector, or return it for corrections to be made before approval. This is where the process can get prolonged. When we submit the permit package to the city, it’s all in their hands. We work diligently to submit in a timely manner but from that point, the lead time for permit approval will vary by city.

Step 6: Permit Approval or Corrections

Either your permit package will be approved or there will be corrections needed. If corrections need to be made, we’ll be there to help you along the way towards getting approval. Usually these are minute details that pertain to your specific project.

Step 7: Final Inspection

Once the city approves the paperwork, they’ll assign an inspector who will visit your site to perform a final inspection and provide final approval for the warehouse racking project.

With the right planning and QMH there to help you through every step of the process, obtaining a warehouse racking permit from any city in California can be a breeze. If you have more questions about how to plan or apply for a permit from your city for warehouse racking, contact us at 800 404 RACK (7225) or visit for a live chat with one of our professionals.