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Posted by Stephanie on February 27, 2023

Managing a warehouse means improving efficiency wherever possible. It can be challenging to find the best method for loading and unloading material from trailers, railcars, trucks, and similar applications. The solution you choose should also be flexible to avoid loading issues at busier times of the year.

A portable loading dock, commonly called yard ramps, provides you with ramp that can be positioned nearby your warehouse for simple loading and unloading. With this tool , you can increase productivity by creating loading docks where you need them to prevent bottleneck .

If you’re searching for portable loading docks that you can use in your facility, there are many different types to select from. It’s also highly recommended that you select a loading dock that comes with all of the most modern features, which include everything from platform curbs to steel tread plate decking. The following details everything you should know about portable loading docks and how they enhance a warehouse setting.

Portable Loading Docks, Ramps, and Platforms

Portable loading docks are combined with portable loading dock ramps or dock-to-ground ramps. This type of material handling equipment should be used to perform parallel loading with docks or carriers in any location where there’s limited space. The same is true if you don’t have permanent facilities to perform loading and unloading operations. Portable loading platforms are mainly available in a durable steel material.

Portable loading dock platforms make it easy for lift trucks to make sharp right-angle turns. These platforms are custom-built to meet your exact specifications with heights that range from 42″-57″. They usually support weights of up to 30,000 pounds. A portable loading dock provides your warehouse with a versatile and durable platform for streamlining the loading and unloading processes.

It’s possible for at least two of these portable loading docks to be locked together in order to create larger docks. Portable loading docks almost always include lift sleeves, steel legs, movable curb sections, and steel tread plate decking.

You can install edge-of-dock levelers on any side of your platform, which maintains functionality with your existing installations, equipment and vehicles. The steel grating bars that are attached to the platform don’t require maintenance. They’re also spaced in a manner that makes it easy for water and debris to fall through instead of collecting on the surface.

Features of Portable Loading Docks

Portable loading docks come standard with many features, the primary of which include lift sleeves, handrails, and platform curbs.

Platform Curbs

Safety curbs are usually sized at 6″ and are designed to prevent the possibility of accidental runoff. The use of box frame construction and a hollow section design mitigate the amount of stress that’s caused by heavy loads and cargo breakout.

Steel Tread Plate Decking

These loading docks are outfitted with serrated steel decking for added strength and durability. The grating bearing bars are usually just under 2″ thick. The purpose of these bars is to provide additional durability for tough applications. They are spaced at a distance of 1″ apart to make sure that clogging doesn’t occur.

Lift Sleeves

One aspect of making platforms portable is including components that make the dock easy to move. Lift sleeves are equipped on the dock for simple handling and quick repositioning via a forklift.

Portable Steel Platforms

As mentioned previously, these steel platforms provide warehouse managers with maximum capacities of around 30,000 pounds. They can also reach lengths of up to 12 feet. Steel platforms are heavy, which is why a forklift is required to move them.

Handrail Option

Handrails are able to be added to all platforms at any length. The inclusion of handrails should allow you to avoid fall hazards.

Custom Platform Options

Platforms can also be custom-made to provide you with temporary additions to the main portable loading dock. These platforms can be designed to solve any specific problem in your warehouse.

Portable Loading Dock Types

There are several different types of portable loading docks that you should consider, which include everything from loading dock ramps to forklift dock platforms.

loading dock

Loading Dock Ramp

Have you been thinking of investing in a ramp for your loading dock? If so, loading dock ramps or access ramps are available in all shapes and sizes and can be easily fitted to a loading dock. Keep in mind that edge of dock levelers, dock boards, and dock plates are also available for unloading trailers.

With a steel access ramp, you’ll be able to bring pallets in from flatbed trucks and access the ground level without an issue. Every warehouse is different, which means that a one-size-fits-all solution isn’t always going to fit but QMH can make the right solution for your application.

There are several loading dock ramps that you can select from, which include dock-to-ground ramps, portable dock ramps, and parcel ramps . If your goal is safety and productivity in your warehouse, then you have come to the right spot.

Portable Dock Ramp

Portable loading dock ramps or yard ramps are able to convert any work area into a spacious freight handling center. There are some facilities that are unable to accommodate a fixed material handling situation. While some warehouses are required to regularly check in new freight, there are other warehouses that only get the occasional shipment. In this scenario, a portable dock ramp may be the best option.

Movable dock ramps provide complete loading dock functionality that might not always exist with traditional loading docks. When used correctly, these docks provide you with ground-level access to trucks, buildings, and railcars.

Forklift Dock Platform

Another option at your disposal is a forklift dock platform, which offers high strength, portability, and reliability. These heavy-duty loading ramps make it easier for warehouse managers to maintain productivity and efficiency when it comes to loading operations. These platforms also have a high weight capacity depending on the one you purchase.

Truck Dock Ramp

Do you want to purchase a dock ramp for truck loading and unloading? If so, the right solution will allow you to improve the safety in your workspace. The use of a temporary loading dock ramp gets rid of the need to move to a new facility or build an addition to your current one.

Truck dock ramps offer stability and usually come with solid-filled pneumatic tires as well as a centrally located cylinder. These ramps are known to provide users with quick raise times, high durability, and simple operation. Ground-level access is available for semi-trucks of all sizes, which should make your operations more efficient.

Steel Dock Ramp

If you’re searching for the most durable ramp in this guide, the steel dock ramp is the best solution. When upgrading your current material handling setup, these ramps provide you with a stable alternative to many other ramp types.

If you want your workspace to operate at peak efficiency, safety should be a top priority. Steel dock ramps include all of the latest safety features and can be customized to suit your needs. If you want to add features from some of the other types of portable loading docks, you can do so through fabrication.

Aluminum Dock Ramp

Aluminum dock ramps are a lightweight alternative to steel dock ramps that don’t always need to be moved by forklift. If you want a reliable dock system for your warehouse that also provides a considerable amount of strength, the aluminum dock ramp may be right for your warehouse. Like the other ramps in this guide, it should improve your efficiency and productivity since it simplifies the process of loading and unloading freight from any area of the warehouse.

Warehouse Loading Dock Ramp

Among the best loading docks for any warehouse setting is the warehouse loading dock ramp. These ramps are built with heavy-duty materials to make sure that potential damage to the loading dock is kept to a minimum.

These ramps meet all of the safety standards that OSHA requires, which means that you can be confident your ramp can withstand heavy weights from any freight you regularly load and unload. Portable warehouse ramps also offer fantastic mobility. Since they aren’t designed specifically for trucks or forklifts, you can move them to smaller spaces in your warehouse with ease.

Why Choose QMH?

Here at QMH, we have the expertise required to resolve any material handling problem that’s discovered in your warehouse. We also make sure that any work we do or solution we provide adheres to the industry’s code requirements. Keep in mind that our solutions accommodate warehouses and facilities of any size. Whether your warehouse is 1,000 square feet or 500,000 square feet, portable loading docks should keep loading dock bottlenecks at bay and help you maintain your desired efficiency. Call us today if you have any questions about portable loading docks.

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