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In the produce industry, the clock is always ticking. Being able to deliver fruits and vegetables quickly is key to providing high-quality, fresh produce and, in turn, top-of-the-line customer service. Therefore, when produce supplier YW International needed to increase their loading dock capabilities, time was of the essence.

With their existing setup, YW International was not able to utilize all of their available loading docks. While this setup had worked for them initially, as their demand grew, it became clear that the company needed to make some changes to their loading dock logistics.


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Limited Dock Access

Their existing loading dock platform was in an "L" shape where two of the docks would be blocked when the other eight were in use.


Sloped Dock

During the site visit, we ran into a challenge. Because the stationary dock platform would be on a sloped area we had to alter the slope of our design by five inches.


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Stationary Dock Platform

QMH decided to build a stationary dock platform to help YW gain access to all their loading docks and therefore increase their productivity.

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Adding Loading Docks

After running into problems with slope measurements, QMH altered the slope of the ramp by five inches while providing not only two additional loading docks but a bonus third dock as well.

Custom Dock Extension with Three Dock Levelers
Dock Platform with three Dock Levelers
Dock Platform with three Dock Levelers
Dock Platform with three Dock Levelers

When YW International contacted QMH, the initial goal was to be able to utilize all ten of their loading docks, rather than the eight they currently had access to. After meeting with YW International, the team at QMH gravitated toward a solution that had been effective in similar situations: building a stationary dock platform. By building and installing this platform, YW International would have access to all their loading docks and be able to increase their productivity.

The next step was for QMH to conduct a site visit to see the situation firsthand and test its initial idea. During this visit, QMH ran into a challenge. The pitch where the dock would stand was on a slope, which meant they would need to alter their initial design. After going back to the drawing board to redesign the platform specifications, QMH was able to alter the slope by five inches while providing not only two additional loading docks but a bonus third dock as well.

Once the plans were finalized, QMH sent over their recommendations and YW International signed a contract within 24 hours. Then QMH went to work, mindful of YW International’s need for speed. The installation was completed within 8 business days of contract execution.

Not only did QMH meet YW International’s expectations, but they also exceeded them by providing an additional loading dock. This led to YW International performing at a capacity greater than before, increasing the company’s shipping/receiving capacity by 27%.

In our years of experience, QMH has learned that creativity and thinking outside the box to develop client solutions is the key to success. Understanding our clients’ needs as well as conducting site visits are also very important in mitigating issues that could arise.

Solving your own ramp, dock, or warehousing problems can seem like a cost-effective solution, but hiring a true professional will exceed your expectations. If you are looking for someone who can develop creative solutions for your loading dock challenges, give us a call!