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Relocating to a new facility can be a difficult process. We helped our customer move into a new facility while maximizing their storage abilities. 


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Teardown and relocation

The customer needed help to tear down their exiting racking and relocate it to their new facility.


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Install of New Material & Relocation

We assisted in the tear down and relocation of the existing racking, new warehouse design & layout for the new facility and the delivery and installation of new material for the new storage system.

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Access Ramp

Our team fabricated, delivered and installed, on site, a new custom high capacity Access Ramp with hand railings.

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Final Install

Our delivery and in-house install team operated quickly and delivered on time following all safety protocols and all social distancing guidelines.

Pallet Rack Install
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Boltless Shelving with Particle Board
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The QMH crew did an incredible job for us during our warehouse move.

Jack M.


The Process

We recently had the pleasure of working with Jack M. once again. Jack manages a distribution center for an electrical supply company in Buena Park, CA. We have previously worked with the company which sells wholesale electrical products for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Jack reached out to us inquiring about our relocation services to help tear down and move their existing storage system to a new facility.

Years ago, at the location of their new facility, we manufactured and installed a stationary access ramp for a previous customer. When Jack found out that it was one of our ramps, he called us requesting a new ramp that would span to the full width of the dock door and would have hand railings.

We offered them our full Warehouse Project Management services. For them, this consisted of a tear down at the old facility, relocation of the material & the installation of the storage systems and dock equipment at their new facility. Our engineers designed the new layout for the storage system at the new warehouse. This consisted of a combination of Boltless Shelving units, Pallet Racking and Cantilever Racking. The customer wanted to use their existing racks so we designed an effective storage solution combining both new and used racking. We also manufactured a new custom Access Ramp with a higher weight capacity to help improve their shipping & receiving processes.

This multi-faceted project was completed in the following three phases.

Phase 1: Install of New Material

We installed all the new material including Pallet Racks, Boltless Shelving units and Cantilever Racking at the new facility. By doing this, the customer was able to continue to do business as usual and save time during their transition. Once the first part of the install was complete, they were able to transfer all their products to the new facility.

Phase 2: Teardown & Relocation

About two weeks later, when the customer had completed their relocations of their goods, our team tore down the racking at their old facility. This included Selective Pallet Racking and Cantilever Racking. We carefully tore down, sorted, wrapped, and prepared the load of used material for transport to the new facility.

Meanwhile at the QMH factory, our welders begun production of the custom Stationary Access Ramp. This ramp was custom made with a higher weight capacity of 30,000 lbs rather than the 20,000 lbs weight capacity of our standard ramps. It measures 30 feet long by 12 feet wide and has 60 feet of hand railing which allows pedestrians to safely use the ramp. The ramp would later be shipped and installed on site.

Phase 3: Final Install

The last phase of the project was the installation of the remaining Storage Systems and Dock Equipment. Our team installed a total of 182 uprights, 1,048 beams, 869 wire decks and other racking accessories for storage of palatalized items. We also installed 108 units of Boltless Shelving measuring 96″ tall by 48″ wide by 24″ deep and with 6 levels in total for organization and storage of their small, hand-picked items. A cantilever system was also installed which includes 20 structural cantilever columns, 20 cantilever bases, 80 cantilever arms, and 10 wide brace kits to store large oddly shaped items like their cords, wires, power poles and more.

Simultaneously, our team delivered and installed the custom Stationary Access Ramp. The ramp was prefabricated at our in-house factory and shipped to be installed on site.  To help the customer not lose any inbound/outbound transportation, our welders built the ramp welding it together next to the old ramp. Once it was complete, we removed the old access ramp and secured the new ramp onto the dock.

This project took us about 3-4 weeks to complete from start to finish, including their relocation period. We are honored to have had them as a return customer and have been selected to manage their move.