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QMH completes a turnkey project for a customer in Montclair, CA to help them maximize their storage abilities offering a total of 1,478 pallet positions.


  • Warehouse Icon New Warehouse Design & Layout
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New Design

The customer had just expanded their building and needed a new warehouse design & layout to help them maximize their storage space.


City & High Pile Permits

The customer needed assistance with the permitting process.


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Permitting Expertise

High Pile & Building Permits approved for this Project in Montclair, CA in 5 weeks from first submital.

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New Selective Racking System

QMH designed, permitted, delivered and installed material for a new selective pallet racking system with a total of 1,478 pallet positions.

Warehouse before Installation
Bundled Upright Frames
Back-to-Back Pallet Racking
Back-to-Back Pallet Racking with Row Spacers and End of Row Guards
Pallet Racking with Tunnels and End of Row Guards
Pallet Racking with Waterfall Wire Decking
End of Row Guards
Pallet Racking with Tunnels and End of Row Guards
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Mike Tran

Warehouse Manager

Pallet Racking System [Montclair, CA]

The Process

Mike Tran works for an import & export industrial supply company in Montclair, CA. He reached out to us seeking help to determine the best storage solution for their facility. They had expanded their facility to 64,969 square feet and wanted to maximize their storage space. They also needed to attain permits as they planned to store their commodity as high as possible. As a team, we offered them a turnkey project solution. This project consisted of High Pile Storage Permits & Building Permits, a new storage system design featuring Selective Pallet Racking, delivery of material, and installation.

QMH at Work

Our team quickly got to work doing what we do best. Our sales manager, Ben Cisneros, worked directly with Mike to gather all the information needed to design their storage system. He designed a warehouse and storage layout that would best suit them based on their needs.

We worked with a state-licensed structural engineer to get structural calculations and develop our plans. In dealing with the structure analysis, we determined that instead of using 3” columns with a backer it would be better to use a 4” column to achieve the desired weight capacity. With this information, our permit tech Mario Relles prepared the Building and High Pile Storage Permits. Our Permit Package includes detailed CAD drawings, floorplans of the rack system layout, site plans, sprinkler specifications, and commodity classification to ensure it is all up to code.

Permit submittals are conducted in-house by our Permit Coordinator, Lisa Risner. Lisa makes sure all plans are submitted to the appropriate agency and does what it takes to get them approved. For this project, Lisa submitted the permit to both the city of Montclair and the fire department. She was able to get them approved in just 5 weeks from the first submittal which allowed us to quickly get to work on the installation.

Once the permits were approved, our installation manager immediately took action and scheduled the installation. We quickly and efficiently completed the delivery, install,ation and final inspection in just 6 days.

Project Details

  • 97 – 264” H x 42” D Upright Frames with 4″ columns
  • 1,424 – 8 ft beams
  • 36 -12 ft beams
  • 1,478 – 42”D X 46”W Wire Deck
  • Various accessories including row spacers, end of row guards, and shims
  • High Pile Storage & City Building Permits