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QMH provides 8,000 pallet positions with selective pallet racking for a 150,000 square foot temperature-controlled LTL and Distribution facility in Chino, CA.


  • Temperature controlled food storage.
  • Easy access for shipping.
  • Dense storage capacity.
  • Forklift access.




This company needed to store thousands of pallets of food-related items to be organized and easily accessed for shipping. They needed warehouse racking that allowed for dense storage and forklift access.



Because of the amount of weight they plan on storing, they need a sturdy pallet racking system that can handle heavy-duty tasks.


Maximized Storage Capacity

Selective racking was installed for efficient and dense pallet storage. In order to make the system even denser, over-aisle storage was constructed on the upper 3 beam levels.

Strength & Durability

Row spacers were installed to secure the uprights and maintain even spacing throughout the entire racking system. Uprights were doubled up on the first two levels to provide extra strength for heavy-duty storage.

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