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Posted by Stephanie on January 28, 2016

Push Back Pallet Racks are a versatile, selective type of pallet racking that increases and maximizes storage density by utilizing the depth of your pallet racks. Rather than storing a single pallet at the front of your rack, the push-back is designed to fill the empty unused space behind up to 4 or 5 pallets deep. As a result fewer aisles are needed, creating even more storage space in your warehouse.


Push Back Pallet Racks vs Standard Racks: What’s the difference?

Push back pallet racking consists of shelves that are inclined slightly forward to let gravity do the work for you. As a safe and easy alternative to drive-in racks, a push back pallet rack system is designed with carts and strong steel rails that allow pallets to roll to the front of the rack as a result of the gravitational pull on the inclined shelving space.


How does loading and unloading work?

Using a last-in-first-out (LIFO) inventory system, the push-back system will store 2-5 pallets deep and keep your inventory organized and controlled. Only one aisle is required for easy front-loading and unloading multiple pallets. The push back rack speeds up the unloading process because your forklift doesn’t have to travel through endless aisles to retrieve product.


Loading and unloading process:

  • As a pallet is loaded in the front, it pushes the pallet behind it back one position
  • The pallets behind are on carts that move up an inclined rail
  • As each pallet is unloaded, gravity rolls the pallet forward on its cart
  • The pallets sit on the front end of this small incline and are ready to be unloaded


Questions to ask when considering Push Back Pallet Racks:

How much floor space do I have for pallet storage?

How tall are my ceilings?

Do I have a forklift truck that can load and unload my pallets?

Is a LIFO inventory system beneficial in my warehouse?


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