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Posted by Stephanie on March 8, 2016

Quality Material Handling (QMH) has been providing companies throughout California with material handling products and storage solutions since 1991. QMH takes pride in being family-run and Women- and Minority-owned Business Enterprises (WMBE) certified in California by The Supplier Clearinghouse. Appearing multiple times in LA Business Journal’s Top 100 Businesses, and winning the LA Business Journal’s Latino Business of the Year Award are just some of the highlights that illustrate QMH’s success.

Quality Material Handling Turns 25

Brenda and Hector Pinto co-founded QMH, Inc. on February 13, 1991, operating out of their 1 bedroom condominium in La Verne, California. Hector managed the hands-on aspect of the business, and Brenda handled the bookkeeping. They faced the same uncertainties and risks any business start-up must endure in the beginning stages, but over the years they have remained the constant driving force behind the perpetual success of QMH.

Even with all of the responsibility of managing and growing a business, Hector and Brenda raised two children, Julia and Jacob. Jacob has grown to become a world-class martial artist, and competes in tournaments around the globe. And their daughter Julia recently graduated from Azusa Pacific University and now works for QMH as its Chief Operating Officer.

Quality Material Handling has been steadily growing over the past two and half decades, now with physical locations in Azusa and Pomona, California, over fifty employees, a 32,000 square foot facility, and $6 million in annual sales. QMH also recently acquired a General Contractor’s License, officially allowing them to obtain building contracts and projects, and subcontract them to other construction businesses. With this acquisition, the company is able to cater to their clients completely from start to finish and facilitate all aspects of a building project, not just material handling.

With Julia’s fresh approach and passion for the family business, the family and the company have never been more enthusiastic about the future. As Julia puts it, “we’re just getting started!”

February 13, 2016 marked the 25th anniversary of Quality Material Handling’s conception, and the Pinto family and QMH employees celebrated in grand fashion, throwing a company party at the Pinto residence with over a hundred people in attendance. The night featured dinner, drinks, and casino games for the entire QMH family to enjoy.

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With over 32 years of experience in material handling, QMH is committed to providing end-to-end solutions for companies with distribution, logistic and warehousing needs. From permit approval management to full-service execution from the ground up, QMH delivers unique solutions providing distinct value in record time.