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Contractor License #731100 (B, D34)

Posted by Stephanie on September 2, 2015

We are proud to announce QMH’s newly updated California Contractors License! Along with our Specialty Contractor License (Class C), we are now a General Building Contractor (Class B) for the State of California!


General Building Contractor? What does this mean?

A General Building Contractor is allowed to obtain building contracts or projects and subcontract them to other construction businesses. This type of licensing is extremely useful for getting warehouse projects done in their entirety.

Getting your pallet racks installed, but there’s more work to be done at your facility? Building new offices, installing new concrete flooring and/or installing lighting systems? Then hiring a contractor might be something to consider.


Why hire a General Building Contractor?

Hiring a General Building Contractor for your warehouse project has many advantages.

The best advantage is that they take care of you completely, from start to finish. A contractor is a great option especially when you need various things done to your facility. The job gets done hassle free without micromanaging different aspects of a big project. Your warehouse project will be completely taken care of!

Another advantage is that you can now save even more money. Do you need various things done to your warehouse facility within a specific budget? Give your warehouse building budget to a general contractor and they will customize a solution that meets your requirements.

One more great advantage of hiring a contractor is that your warehouse project is completed much faster, saving you a lot of time. Need your facility up and running quickly? Then hire a General Building Contractor to get the job done correctly within your deadline.


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