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Posted by Danae Arreola on December 13, 2023

During the weekend before Thanksgiving, our team had the opportunity to partner with our friends at American Veterans Assistance Group (AVAG) on an event centered around giving back to veterans.

Here at Quality Material Handling, we have six core values that our team strives to embody. One of the six core values is “We Serve.” This value emphasizes our desire to serve the community and give back in any way possible. So, having the opportunity to help AVAG provide for local veterans was an absolute pleasure.

Preparation for Event

Prior to the event, our team put in hard work to ensure that all items were prepared. Each individual chose a dish to provide for the veterans that ranged from mashed potatoes to whole turkeys! It was truly wonderful having a team willing to put love, time, and energy into preparing dishes for this event. It showed a true dedication to living the “We Serve” mentality that all employees at QMH strive to live.

Event Details

By early afternoon, all items were set up and the banquet room was filling with individuals ready to eat a delicious meal. Our team grouped up in pairs of two and began taking orders from each table. Once orders were in, our team members lined up to receive plates of food items that each table had requested. Then, the members would deliver the plates to the tables, ensuring that everything was going well before departing.

All individuals in the banquet room were appreciative of the food and service they received, but our team did not keep services limited to merely the banquet room. AVAG coordinator, Doreen Matsumoto, received orders from homes in the park that were in need of meals, as well. Therefore, our team would fill to-go boxes of food and personally run the boxes to each home. This act was especially helpful since it benefitted individuals who did not have easy access to the banquet room.

Our team finished out the event with a raffle that gave each individual an opportunity to win various gifts ranging from handcrafted wreaths to gift cards. This was a hit amongst everyone and thrilling to see each individual get excited when hearing their raffle ticket number called. Once this part of the afternoon wrapped up, our team worked diligently to get every item packed and stored away before departing.

Overall, the event was a success. It was wonderful seeing our QMH family work together to ensure that every veteran was taken care of and enjoyed their Thanksgiving meals. We want to say a special “Thank you” to AVAG for allowing us to be apart of another event. It is always a pleasure working with Doreen and her team. We look forward to future events. Happy holidays everyone!

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