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Posted by Clarissa Palomares on February 11, 2022

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When using heavy equipment such as a yard ramp, it is important to understand and utilize the yard ramp safety features. Using the right safety protocol can mean the difference between smooth day-to-day operations and complete disaster. Think S.A.F.E.T.Y. to follow best practices in yard ramp safety!

An Easy Way to Remember Yard Ramp Safety


Steel Serrated Grating is ideal and provides the best traction. Some manufacturers like to use diamond plating throughout the surface of the ramp. However, since the surface can be very slippery when wet, diamond plating is not ideal for traction and therefore not recommended. A forklift, will climb steel serrated grating much more safely and securely than any other surface.


All Steel Structure is the best option, as opposed to aluminum which is offered by some manufacturers. It is recommended to have an all steel ramp because steel provides the best durability and long lasting reliability.


Front and Back Approach Plates are used for safe, smooth, and easy transitioning on and off the ramp. Solid steel diamond plates are recommended for maximum strength and security.


Embedded Safety Chains should be included on every yard ramp because they are important for securing the ramp in place during use.


Thick Steel Channels provide strength, as well as protection from accidental run-off when going up the ramp. It should be an industry standard to have these channels on the ramp as safety curbs.


Yielding Level-off is a must have for creating a safe, easy, and leveled approach onto the elevated surface of a yard ramp. It is recommend that the level off be 6 feet long and completely level with the ground.


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