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Posted by Stephanie on March 6, 2023

When you’re looking for the right storage system to add to your warehouse, it’s highly recommended that you select and install shelving that matches the size and type of inventory you wish to store as well as the material handling system you’re using.

Different types of industrial shelving come with different features. For instance, some rivet industrial shelving systems are outfitted with adjustable shelves, safety interlock capabilities, and structural steel carriages.

Rivet shelving systems are also known as boltless shelving. These units provide you with a reconfigurable and adjustable open design. If you want to improve productivity in your warehouse, boltless shelving may be the most effective option at your disposal.

Rivet shelving comes with much more durable posts and shelves than other types, which means that you have more weight capacity for large parts and bulky tools. The following is a comprehensive guide that should answer every question you have about rivet industrial shelving.

Boltless shelving with wood deck

The Importance of Efficient Storage Systems in Industrial Settings

Rivet shelving is a highly accommodating and versatile shelving unit that doesn’t require bolts during installation. Once installed, the employees in your warehouse can get to the stored items from every side of the shelf, which makes loading and unloading tasks much more efficient. This is a high-density form of storage that allows you to store machinery and excess inventory. With the industrial strength that these units have, you’ll benefit from better reliability, security, and safety.

The boltless nature of this shelving refers to its assembly. Rivet shelves are put together with rivets as opposed to traditional bolts or fasteners. The rivets are designed to firmly lock into keyhole slots that are positioned on the posts, which ensures rigid and sturdy storage.

When you choose a storage system, it’s important to select shelving that’s a good fit for the size and type of your inventory. If you have the wrong kind of shelving for your warehouse, you could experience such issues as productivity loss and safety hazards.

Some forms of shelving are becoming increasingly popular because of their strength, versatility, and durability, which include wire, rivet, and steel shelving.

Types of Rivet Industrial Shelving

The many types of rivet shelving that you can install in your warehouse include:

  • Single rivet shelving
  • Double rivet shelving
  • Triple rivet shelving
  • Boltless rivet shelving
  • Mobile rivet shelving

Single rivet shelving can be used to create a storage area that accommodates high-density shelving. These shelving units have small and low-profile beams that are able to form the shelf frame. When installing a single rivet unit, you can maximize vertical space. These shelves are perfect for smaller components and loose products.

By including an area that stores smaller parts, you can improve efficiency by utilizing your space more effectively. Once installed, your employees will only need to go to a specific area to find similar parts. The shelf length can be extended with the right accessories.

Double rivet shelving is meant to be used for bulk storage. The cross beams available in the shelf frame are made from roll-formed steel, which offers superior strength. The angle beams are bolstered with the inclusion of center supports for added weight capacity.

If you select double rivet shelving, optional decking is available if you need to tailor the shelving unit to match your storage needs. Even though these units already include a durable steel frame, selecting the right deck allows you to use the shelving for specific applications. For instance, particle board decking accommodates nearly every storage solution. In comparison, corrugated metal decking also resists water and chemical spills.

Triple rivet shelving adds more durability and weight capacity to your warehouse. These units also accommodate heavy and bulk items that don’t have enough support when stored on smaller shelves. All forms of rivet shelving are boltless because of the aforementioned keyhole design.

If you select boltless shelving for your warehouse, the installation process should take less time than it would with more traditional types of shelving. Mobile rivet shelving units tend to be smaller in size and come with weight capacities that can be up to 800 pounds for the entire unit. These shelves are positioned on four wheels that allow for easy maneuverability.

Boltless Shelving

Features of Rivet Industrial Shelving

Rivet industrial shelves come with many features that may make them a good fit in your warehouse. These features include:

  • Durable and sturdy construction – These shelving units are made with industrial-grade steel and can be constructed with roll-formed steel for added durability.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble – Since rivet shelving doesn’t have any bolts, the assembly process is simple.
  • Configurable to fit different spaces and requirements – Rivet shelves can be customized to match the exact space requirements in your warehouse.
  • Can support heavy loads – The use of high-quality steel components means that rivet shelves can support heavy loads.
  • Compatible with various accessories and add-ons – You can pair these shelving units with deck supports and tie plates to extend functionality.

Benefits of Rivet Industrial Shelving

The many benefits of choosing rivet industrial shelving for your warehouse include:

  • Maximizes space utilization – This type of shelving allows you to extend your storage vertically.
  • Increases organization and efficiency – The availability of single rivet shelves allows you to better organize smaller components that might otherwise be difficult to efficiently store.
  • Offers flexibility and scalability – It’s possible to extend these shelving units and design them to fit within your space through customization.
  • Enhances safety and accessibility – Rivet shelves can be accessed from all sides because of the boltless design, which enhances accessibility and worker safety.
  • Cost-effective and low-maintenance – These shelving units are more affordable than epoxy wire or heavy-duty steel units. They also require less maintenance because of the boltless design.
Single Rivet Boltless Shelving with Particle Board

Choosing the Right Rivet Industrial Shelving

When you’re attempting to pick out the right rivet industrial shelving, the many factors that you should consider extend to:

  • Space availability
  • Weight capacity
  • Product type
  • Accessibility
  • Budget

First, you should consider how much space you have in your warehouse. If there isn’t much storage space left, you could use single rivet shelves to store smaller items in a manner that organizes your warehouse and provides you with additional space. These units extend vertically and should never take up too much space.

The right weight capacity for your warehouse depends on the types of items you’re storing. For low-weight items, single rivet shelves are ideal. However, mobile units are also the perfect size if your required weight capacity is 800 pounds or less.

Double and triple rivet shelves are most effective for storing heavier parts that require more durable shelves. These shelving systems have weight capacities that range from 200-600 pounds per shelf, which means that a unit with four separate shelves could hold up to 2,400 pounds of materials.

As mentioned previously, there are four main types of rivet industrial shelving, which include single rivet, double rivet, triple rivet, and mobile rivet shelving. All four types are boltless. If accessibility is a primary concern of yours when selecting shelves for your facility, rivet industrial shelving is more accessible than the alternatives. It’s also more cost-effective. The most affordable of these shelves are the mobile and single rivet options.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation and setup for rivet shelves is easy but can depend on how your warehouse is situated. Each beam will have rivets on the end that can be fitted into the keyhole slots on the uprights. Most of these shelving units come with numerous keyholes, which means that you can adjust the beams to be positioned at your preferred height.

While rivet industrial shelving is relatively easy to maintain, you’ll still need to contend with rust. Over time, the metal in this shelving can become rusted, which hurts the unit’s structural integrity. To keep this issue at bay, the shelving should be kept in a dry environment.

Take steps to control the humidity in the space where the units are installed. You should also make sure that the area is free from water and other liquids. In the event that the shelves are installed in areas that are routinely sprayed with water, you should dry them off on a regular basis. These steps are necessary in car washes and body repair shops but can also be required in certain warehouses. If well-maintained, premium rivet shelving should last for decades.

Why Choose QMH?

The storage solutions you obtain for your warehouse can be the difference between a work environment that’s highly productive and one that’s falling behind on meeting operational goals. At QMH, we can assist you in selecting a storage solution that will go well in your facility. We have decades of experience with material handling and know how to pair storage and shelving units with any type of industrial setting. Call us today to find out more.

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