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Posted by Stephanie on December 22, 2016

Warehouses generally have shelving and racking systems built high up toward the ceiling to best utilize square footage. Rolling stairs, also known as rolling platform ladders, are extremely helpful in navigating large warehouse facilities and reaching materials placed high up on shelves. If your warehouse uses high piled storage and you currently only use A-frame stationary ladders, it’s time to invest in a versatile platform ladder designed for hand picking inventory. Industrial-strength work platform ladders help increase productivity, while allowing for better mobility. Improve the order picking process and employee safety by adding rolling stairs to your fleet of warehouse equipment. Learn more about the benefits of platform ladders and the solutions they could bring to your facility.


Rolling Stairs are Cal/OSHA Compliant

Ladder-related accidents occur far too often in warehouse facilities. One of the benefits of work platform ladders is their design around safety. Rolling stairs are Cal/OSHA compliant, meeting the safety standards required for optimal safety for employees accessing your inventory by ladder. Reduce the chance of ladder-related injuries and accidents in your workplace with a rolling platform ladder.


Rolling Stairs are Customizable

Another benefit of rolling platform ladders is the customization options. Rolling stairs are available in various heights, ranging from 2 to 15 steps. Whether you have an overhead shelf that requires an extra step or a warehouse full of industrial shelving requiring constant access to inventory for order fulfillment, platform ladders simplify accessing hard to reach areas.


Rolling Stairs are Portable

Rolling platform ladders are necessary for navigating large warehouses and reaching inventory stored on high racking and shelves. The lightweight design and rolling feature makes it easy to move these ladders around in your facility. With the ability to customize the height and additional order picking shelves if needed, rolling ladders create a smoother process accessing and moving inventory around your warehouse.


Extremely Sturdy

Rolling stairs are as sturdy as regular stairs you’d find in a home. With a combination of all welded steel construction and “Sure Grip” tread design, industrial rolling warehouse ladders are built to withstand warehouse wear and tear. Heavy duty warehouse ladders have caster wheels designed to last. In addition, their all steel construction features a baked-on finish to provide durability, as well as resistance to scuffs and scratches.


Optimal Security

While mobility is a plus, security is a must. Rolling warehouse ladders are designed and manufactured with a “safety first” mindset. Even though platform ladders roll on wheels to allow for easy mobility, when weight is placed on the ladder the caster wheels retract and the ladder is secured into place. Locking devices are standard on all order picking ladders.


Made in the USA

Our ladders are manufactured in the USA by Ladder Industries, an industry leader with over 60 years of industrial ladder design and manufacturing experience. Warehouse ladders are durable and made to last. Call one of our material handling experts today to talk about customizing rolling platform ladders to find the perfect solution to your warehouse needs.


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