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Are your employees, customers and inventory safe within your facility?

Rack Safety Straps

Rack Safety

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QMH can save your business from costly damages and potential worker injuries with our comprehensive rack safety solutions. Each QMH warehouse rack safety solution is specifically designed to prevent damage to the rack structure (or minimize damage from an accident), as well as to identify and maintain the system’s operational limits.

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Custom Secure Storage Cage

Security Cages & Partitions

Safeguard With Security Cages & Partitions

Our warehouse security cages and wire partitions can help safeguard against injury and protect your facility and inventory from theft. Tool cribs, maintenance cages, machine guarding…each wire partition controls machine and data access while helping to provide security and protect valuable equipment.

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guard rail

Guard Solutions

Protect with Guard Solutions 

It only takes one forklift or delivery truck collision to endanger your staff and valuable equipment and products. QMH can help you protect your people, facility and assets, with easy-to-install bollards, barriers and guard rails to reduce costly damage and downtime.

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