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Posted by Stephanie on April 17, 2023

If you manage a warehouse, keeping your inventory safe and secure is of the utmost importance. With the right storage system, you can keep your items properly organized. This system will also prevent damage or theft to the items that you hold at your warehouse.

Even though traditional shelving units are good enough when used solely for storage purposes, the open compartments present a challenge when you’re trying to keep these items secure. To better protect your belongings, consider outfitting your warehouse with storage cages. The following is a comprehensive guide on warehouse storage cages and the benefits they offer.

Storage Cage

The Importance of Safety Cages

Although they aren’t used as often as standard shelving units, safety cages are commonly found in warehouses and other industrial settings. These cages are typically constructed with a welded mesh or chain-wire frame. They are available in many shapes and sizes to ensure a proper fit in your warehouse.

While these cages can be built to any height, many warehouses choose to build them from floor to ceiling for complete security. You can select between numerous designs, some of which incorporate a roof into the structure. While there are some differences between each storage cage, all of them come with hinged doors that allow for secure access.

Regardless of the types of items you have stored in your warehouse, safety cages give you the opportunity to store some of the more valuable items in an area that can only be accessed by specific personnel. These cages typically come with key-based entry.

There are numerous risks and possible hazards that safety cages are designed to mitigate, the primary of which is theft. Items that are left on open shelving units are susceptible to theft if anyone gains entry into your facility. In comparison, no one can enter the storage cages without a key.

Using storage cages in your warehouse should also limit the amount of damage that items incur. When items are placed in open shelving racks, they could topple over easily and become damaged. Whether this damage is caused by product misuse or a forklift accidentally hitting the shelf, this issue is avoided entirely with storage cages. By limiting access to only a small number of employees, it’s less likely that an item will be damaged.

Before you install storage cages in your warehouse, make sure that the units comply with all industry regulations and standards. For instance, the load limits that you adhere to when it comes to open shelving units should also be followed with enclosed storage cages.

Different Types of Storage Cages Available

There are several types of storage cages, the primary of which include wire mesh cages and security cages. Rack enclosures are available if you want to place a cage around an existing pallet rack. These cages can be purchased in numerous sizes. They are also designed to store materials in a safe and secure manner.

The open-air design is the most commonly used one in a warehouse because of the ability employees have to easily reach stored items. Security cages are fully enclosed cages that will protect your items from theft and inclement weather. Keep in mind that these cages can be customized to make sure your exact needs are met.

When you’re buying wire partitions for your warehouse, these systems are either interlocking or welded. They can also be mounted to a structure or freestanding. Make sure that you choose a partition that accommodates the number of items you need to store. Along with basic wire partitions, you can also purchase welded wire partitions, which are stronger than the alternative.

Custom Secure Storage Cage

How to Choose the Right Safety Cage

There are numerous factors that you should consider when trying to find the right safety cage for your warehouse, the primary of which include:

  • Material – These cages can be made from either aluminum or steel. While steel is the more durable of the two materials, it’s also considerably more expensive. Aluminum is a relatively lightweight material in comparison.
  • Size – You can buy safety cages in all sizes and can customize them to fit well within your warehouse.
  • Purpose – If you’re using a storage cage to provide additional security for your items, you should choose one that requires a key to get into.

Before making a purchase, it’s highly recommended that you seek assistance from a reputable supplier that will be able to give you the guidance and support you need to make the right decision. If you want to customize your unit, the supplier you partner with will help you build a storage cage that matches your warehouse specifications.

Benefits of Security Cages

Security cages offer numerous benefits that you won’t have access to with open shelving units. For one, these cages are easy to install. Most of these cages are outfitted with casters, which means that you don’t need to use other tools to anchor the cages to the ground. Locking the casters will keep the cage stationary. When you’re thinking of changing your warehouse layout, you can easily move these cages by unlocking the casters.

These cages also provide you with better visibility for the most important products that are being stored in your warehouse. In order for a warehouse to operate efficiently, personnel need to be able to quickly find and identify specific merchandise. Some standard shelving racks don’t offer visibility, which means that your employees will be tasked with checking the inventory status whenever they need to locate an item. Security cages do away with this hassle.

The main advantage of adding storage cages to your warehouse is that they are safe and secure. Even if you believe that your warehouse is secure and can’t be easily entered, no facility is entirely safe from product misuse or theft.

If valuable items are being stored on an open shelving unit, there’s a possibility that the items will be stolen. Security cages limit access to these items, which significantly reduces the chances of theft. If an item is ever stolen, there’s a smaller number of people who could have committed the act of theft.

As touched upon previously, items on open shelving racks are more liable to fall and become damaged. The door that’s present on storage cages is a barrier that should prevent most of these incidents. Keep in mind that the best storage cages are made from carbon steel, which adds more durability and improves security.

Storage cages are cost-effective as well. Instead of using your budget to expand your existing spaces or build a new one, these cages provide you with an affordable alternative that helps with security and organization without requiring you to spend ample sums of money. Once installed, your goods will be protected.

These cages are also very easy to use. After they’ve been installed, they can be accessed immediately and don’t need any special tools to operate. If you take full advantage of security cages, you should be able to declutter your warehouse space, improve ventilation in the area, and keep your most valuable items safe.

How to Set Up Storage Cages

Setting up a security cage of any size should take you less than an hour. The first step in this process is to identify where you would like to position the cage. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, measure the area to make sure that it’s a good fit. After you determine how large the storage cage is, take it out of the packaging before placing it in your preferred location. You should now be able to use the storage cage without issue.

Tips for Using Storage Cages Safely and Effectively

Storage cages are designed to be used in many different ways. When you’re installing one of these cages, make sure that you take into account the number of items that you’d like to store. It’s essential that the cage is able to accommodate the total weight of stored items. If you expect to keep heavier items in the cage, consider selecting one that’s built with steel as opposed to aluminum. You should also obtain a cage that employees can access with ease.

Why Choose QMH?

At QMH, we offer several types of security cages and partitions that can be installed in any warehouse. These systems are capable of protecting your facility and keeping your inventory from being stolen. The use of maintenance cages, tool cribs, and machine guarding ensures that every wire partition is equipped with the most advanced features.

We’ve been a reputable supplier of safety and storage cages for years, which is why we know how to identify the best storage solution for any facility. By working with QMH for your safety cage needs, you’ll benefit from excellent customer service, fast turnaround and delivery, and efficient problem-solving capabilities. Call us today to schedule a consultation.


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