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Posted by Stephanie on October 27, 2016

The Seismic Safety Commission Act was passed in California in 1975 and requires investigations and research into earthquake related issues in order to reduce hazards to the public and in the workplace. It has been observed in recent earthquakes that falling objects have been presenting a great danger and have become a common occurrence in warehouse-like facilities with racking systems. The California Building Code (CBC) has amendments in place for racking safety in regards to potential dangers and risks that could occur during earthquakes. The following are two new senate bills that affect rack safety that facilities with racking systems need to be aware of moving forward.


Senate Bill 629

This bill was put in place to reduce risk to workers from the dangers of falling items during earthquakes. This amendment requires OSHA (The Occupational Health and Safety Administration) to investigate storage racks in facilities to assess worker safety and the California State Fire Marshall to also investigate storage racks in facilities to assess the safety of the public.


Senate Bill 486

This bill requires that warehouse facility owners secure any merchandise stored over 10 feet with rails, nets, fencing, or other safety devices. This is in place to protect both workers and the public who have access to racked merchandise in retail locations. In addition this bill requires an annual submission to OSHA reporting any serious injuries or deaths that occurred in that year.


How do these senate bills affect you?

You’re probably wondering how these senate bills affect you. Are your racks up to code? It is important to abide by these rules in order to avoid fines and be prepared for potential danger in your facility due to earthquakes. Make sure your materials are properly permitted to avoid fines and maximize safety around your racking system.


How QMH Can Help

We’re here to simplify the process for you. We can provide your facility with fire inspections to make sure you’re up to code. In addition, we have pallet back stops, safety netting, and railing that you can use to provide the ultimate safety in your racking system. We use sturdy anchor bolts to anchor down your racking system to meet seismic requirements. If we’re installing your racks, everything is done up to code.


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