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Posted by Stephanie on June 29, 2016

Yard ramps tend to serve as a multipurpose tool around warehouse facilities, and are generally used for loading and unloading items using heavy duty machinery and equipment such as forklifts. When you consider the importance of what yard ramps do, how well they function becomes very important for maximizing the safety and security of your employees and equipment.

Serrated grating on the surface of a yard ramp is one of the most important and useful features. Serrated grating provides excellent traction for forklifts to drive up and down the ramp slope and, more importantly, minimizes the possibility of a forklift losing grip and slipping off of the ramp. This feature gives you the versatility to work with your yard ramp year round, regardless of weather conditions. Also, because the serrated grating features an open design, the yard ramp does not accumulate water, snow, oil, grease and other debris, further increasing the safety and functionality of the ramp.

Advantages of Serrated Grating:

  • Maximize traction for loading and unloading
  • Added security for driving forklifts on your yard ramp
  • Self cleaning – open design eliminates accumulation of water, snow, dirt and debris, making it fully functional year round.
  • All QMH ramps come standard with diamond floor approach and end plates, serrated grating, and a 6-foot level-off.


When in the market for a yard ramp, you’ll likely come across competitors who offer diamond floor plating instead of serrated grating. This substitute reduces ramp prices significantly, but sacrifices their quality and safety. QMH will not offer ramps with all diamond plating because it simply does not meet our standards for safety and quality. If you’re shopping for a yard ramp, it is important to understand the design of the ramp and what exactly you will get for your money. Ask these questions to determine the quality of the ramp, accurately compare pricing among competitors, and ensure that you make the best purchase possible:

  • Does the ramp have a level-off?
  • Does the ramp have serrated grating?
  • What is the load capacity of the ramp?


Especially when living in areas such as Los Angeles, California, the unpredictability of the weather makes yard ramps all the more useful. Sometimes you get heat in the winter, rain in the summer, and not to mention the “june gloom.” Moisture and precipitation are extremely hazardous on yard ramps with diamond floor plating, making traction a huge problem for employees and forklifts. Invest in your business and your employees’ safety by getting a yard ramp fully equipped with the necessary safety features, most importantly serrated grating!

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