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Quality Material Handling is your one-stop shop for material handling and warehouse management needs. We offer a variety of pallet racking systems, mezzanine, and warehouse equipment to put you on the fast track toward your business goals. We develop tailor-made solutions specifically geared toward your facility and needs. Our expertise goes beyond the basics of equipment and racking – we offer full configuration services, including permits, design, layout, installation/relocation/tear-down, in-rack sprinkler systems, and more.

Rack Inspections

Installation Racks

Our installations consist of standing up the system, assembling elevations per pre-approved plans, alignment, and anchoring of the system. Our crews continuously conduct clean-up around the work area. All our installations are completed by a QMH certified and licensed installation crew under our CA General B Contractors License#731100.


Rack Tear Down

QMH provides tear-down & dismantling services for your existing equipment. our team will carefully tear down existing racking,  grind off the anchor bolts, sort and wrap your racking and prepare for transport to the new facility.



Warehouse Relocation

Moving your warehouse? QMH has the knowledge, resources, and the team needed to handle the tear-down, relocation, and installation of your warehouse equipment and racking systems. We take care of moving your business, so you can focus on moving your business forward!

Rack Repairs

Storage System Adjustments

In addition to our installation and relocation services, we also provide tear down and dismantling of your existing equipment. We can dismantle existing racking and grind off the anchor bolts to get your racking and equipment ready for use in your new location.


Tear down

QMH’s professional team is fully insured and bonded and can dismantle or assist in closing your warehouse or distribution center. Our teardown services include: Dismantle existing racking Grind off existing anchor bolts Bundling material and haul away

Buy Back

In the process of warehouse relocation, we also buy, load, and ship your unneeded used materials to our warehouse for cash or give you credit towards new products or pallet racking systems.

New Design New Material

If needed QMH can design and permit a new system at the new location utilizing existing material, new racking material, or a combination of both.

Relocation & Installation

Whether you’re thinking about adding, moving, or removing pallet racks, our installations are fully compliant with all city and fire codes and conducted by our in-house install team.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we will help you relocate! If your racking system is still in good condition, bringing it along with you to your new building can save you a lot of money. QMH can help you tear down, relocate, and re-install your racking system in your new facility. Our Relocation services consist of: Tear down system Cut and grind off all existing anchor bolts Bundle and steel strap all materials for efficient transport to the new facility Re-install materials to comply with local city codes

We purchase used material handling equipment including: Pallet Rack Drive-In Rack Push Back Rack Span-Track Cantilever Rack Shelving Conveyors Lift Trucks and Pallet Jacks Work Benches Hand Trucks and Carts Forklifts Mezzanines Call the QMH Team for a quick, simple, safe, and efficient warehouse equipment buy back or liquidation with upfront payment.

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