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Posted by Stephanie on June 4, 2015

In 1991, Hector Pinto had an idea. At age 26, as a hard-working employee at a material handling company, he had learned quite a bit about the industry. Dedicated and determined, he and his wife Brenda set up a table under the staircase of their two-bedroom condo in La Verne and with no money, just credit cards, purchased a typewriter and started their own business. Fast forward to 2015. The Pinto family is the embodiment of the classic America dream: Quality Material Handling is now a multi-million dollar company with a 32,000 sq. ft. building and showroom, with corporate offices and warehouse located in Azusa, CA.

The entire venture and its enviable success are based on one simple principle. Brenda (QMH’s CFO) and Hector’s daughter, Julia Pinto, now the company’s COO, loves to share the secret to her dad’s success, “He founded the business on relationships. When he called his first customer to inform him of his new venture, the customer responded, ‘Hector, as long as I can deal with you personally, I don’t care what company you are working for.’” Now, 24 years later, CEO Pinto’s commitment remains the same—any QMH customer with a personal question can call and speak directly with the chief executive.

The Pinto family and our staff of 45 like-minded valued and much-appreciated employees, demonstrate on a daily basis, why QMH continues to be a recognized leader in customer relations. Just stop by and ask the folks happily enjoying snacks and drinks while they take in the products and services featured in the large showroom.

Our focus is to provide a one stop shop for customers through expertise and quality delivery from an array of integrated material handling system products, leading edge technology and storage solutions. In addition, we are also the warehouse solution provider for our clients, relieving them of having to juggle the ongoing tasks of expansion, relocation, downsizing, permitting, engineering and calculations. So trust has become an integral reason why customers remain loyal clients and long-term friends. We currently provide full service and products in Southern California, Merced and Salinas, distribute our products out of state and plan to expand into Central and Northern California.

Hector has long been known throughout the Southern California community for his exceptional humor, enthusiasm and contagious energy, “I can’t express how proud I am of what my family and staff have accomplished as a working team. I began selling fruit on the streets of poverty- stricken Honduras, moved to the States at 14, and now our business provides great products and services and solid jobs for 45 great employees.”

The founder also acknowledges how personal service has contributed to our growth during demanding economic times, “Like many businesses, we’ve had challenges. The recession was tough, but we worked side-by-side with our staff and pushed through, working harder to provide our past and newest customers with time-saving, cost-effective products, services and solutions.”

And the Southern California community gives back with thanks. QMH is certified in California (by The Supplier Clearinghouse) as a Women- and Minority-owned Business Enterprise (WMBE).
Brenda Pinto is visibly moved by the recognition, “I’m very proud and honored to have made the LA Business Journal’s Top 100 women-owned and minority-owned businesses for the third consecutive year.”

Our company has appeared multiple times in the Los Angeles Business Journal’s yearly Top 100 Businesses feature and has been named as the Journal’s Latino Business of the Year. The Los Angeles paper annually honors the “top Latino-owned companies that drive economic growth in our region and are setting examples of excellence.” As the LABJ said about Hector, “He did whatever work he could get his hands on and regardless of the task, put his heart and soul into it.” Again, the American dream we are all taught as toddlers: make your choice, outshine the others with perseverance and exceptional quality, and you will succeed.

The Pinto’s also take part personally in their after-work hours. Active in community service for many years, they are long-term members of the Faith Community and Reliance Community Church. The family and business are honored to support Cory’s Kitchen Food Bank and the Apostolic Church Deaf Ministry financially and with personal service.
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