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Discover Innovative Solutions

We understand that no two warehouses are created equal. Each one has its own layout, equipment and product mix that often requires a unique solution. From dock boards to platforms to a wide range of custom dock access solutions, we can advise you on the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for your space.

Let QMH find you an innovative dock solution to improve safety and help you get products in and out faster.

Custom Dock Solution with Ramp extension and three dock levelers
Custom Dock Platform with a Dock Leveler and Ramp Extension and Safety Handrails

Enjoy Better Outcomes

Need to improve your shipping and receiving speed? Want to increase vehicle access?

Looking to upgrade from safety stopgaps or expand your dock space? QMH offers a better outcome by considering all your facility goals, and designing a dock solution specifically curated for you.

When an off-the-shelf system falls short, QMH steps in and puts our 30+ years of experience to work for you.

Get Greater ROI

When you know that your dock space investment is exactly what you need, you can expect greater results. Greater results leads to a greater return on your investment. When QMH evaluates your current system and enhances it with your goals in mind, you can be sure that increased efficiency and productivity will follow.

In fact, we were able to increase YW International’s shipping and receiving rate by 27% almost immediately. Read more about this here.

Custom Dock Platform with 3 Dock Levelers



Manufacturing Dock Equipment Process

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Inquiry & Measurements

A QMH professional will meet to discuss the ideal dock solution. During this step they might conduct a site visit, take measurements & observe your logistics problem first hand.



Designed By Professionals

Our team will sketch out your solution with accurate measurements and create a cut sheet for the factory to fabricate upon an approved order.

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Once the quote has been signed our factory will begin fabrication of your product. Lead times vary depending on product type and size 4-6 weeks.

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Delivery & Installation

Once your order is complete, we can arrange delivery and installation if needed. Most products are available for immediate used unless meant to be anchored or assembled on site.


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The QMH mission is to serve and/or create a world where people and products are handled the right way. Our customer service philosophy is simple: We strive to be the best for everyone who walks through our door. We’re passionate about providing our customers with the greatest value for their money.