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Benefits of DEA Approved Storage Cages

The benefits of DEA Approved Storage Cages are manifold. Firstly, they offer a high level of security, preventing unauthorized access to controlled substances and reducing the risk of theft or diversion. Secondly, these storage cages enable organizations to comply with DEA regulations, avoiding penalties and legal consequences. Thirdly, the durable construction of these cages ensures long-lasting performance, making them a cost-effective investment. Fourthly, the modular design allows for easy customization and expansion, adapting to changing storage needs. Fifthly, the cages provide efficient organization and inventory management, optimizing workflow and minimizing the risk of errors. Lastly, DEA Approved Storage Cages help maintain a safe working environment by preventing accidental exposure to controlled substances.

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DEA Approved Storage Cages Industry Applications







Whether you’re storing controlled substances or valuable servers, our DEA approved storage cages provide the ultimate security and compliance you need.

Storage Cage
Tool Crib Features for Wire Partitions


From pharmaceutical companies to research laboratories, our versatile DEA approved storage cages offer the perfect storage solution for various industries, ensuring optimal organization and peace of mind.

DEA Approved Storage

When needing to store controlled substances, QMH can design DEA-approved storage cages to fit the needs of your facility. These cages feature self-closing and self-locking doors, wire mesh walls and ceiling panels. The panels mount flush to the floor and are stackable to any height and clear span ceilings up to 30′.

These DEA-Approved cages are ideal for pharmaceutical companies, medical facilities, distribution centers, record storage, and much more.

Storage Cage
Storage Cage

Designed for Maximum Security

Our DEA-approved storage cage walls and ceiling panels are constructed of 10 gauge wire with a standard 2″ x 1″ rectangular opening. All cages are designed with 2″ square steel support posts being set no more than 10′ apart and the walls have a minimum 1-1/2″ horizontal reinforcement at least every 60 inches.

Panels mount flush to floor to ensure restricted access and all hardware is heady duty, 3/8″ non-accessible from the exterior.

Fully Customizable

Because these panels can stack to any height, where needed, special customizations are available including custom heights, special doors, and various lock options to fit your needs. If you have any questions on how to improve and customize your security DEA-approved cage, contact one of our specialists, we will design one that fits your needs.

Custom Storage Cage

DEA Approved Storage Cages Solutions

"Great experience working with Ben & Chris and the team at Quality Material Handling. We had an emergency project, which they turned & completed in a little over a week. Previously contracted their services at our Fashion Island location, and this newest project was completed in Beverly Hills. Will definitely be using them at our other locations going forward. Thanks again for the support!"

Oliver Chang


“It’s a game changer for us. It’s going to make our everyday business a lot more efficient and it’s going to be a lot smoother.”

Kahiau Freitas

Reverse Logistics Manager

How was the permitting process?

"It was awesome! The owner, Hector came in and spent half of his day in the building with us. He’s awesome — a really cool guy. The installation was perfect!”


Warehouse Manager

"QMH really nailed it on all of those Core Values. I think that you live by them and it's apparent in the whole process. "

Jason Brant

Warehouse Manager

"Got a 10' loading dock & 30' ramp combination from QMH. Really impressed with the quality of manufacturing and the sturdiness of the whole setup. Highly recommend!"

Tara Para

“You’ve got a great team. I was surprised at the number of people that I was getting contacted by: the installation team, the permitting team… It was like you were working with us, just like partners! That was really cool.”

Mike Shaughnessy

Vice President & General Manager

“I think Quality Material Handling is a really good company that provides a nice service with a good price and their stuff is really nice. I also think their working group is efficient and they do the work really quickly and on time.”


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"We have been working with this company for years....They have really gone above and beyond to help us figure out what we need. They do not push you to make expensive decisions either. Tony has been fantastic and the staff have always been on top of everything. It's also awesome because they do absolutely massive jobs but also treat you well when you just need a few racks."

Tyler Angelos


More About DEA Approved Storage Cages

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