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High Pile Storage Services

Fire Hazard Mitigation

High Pile Design addresses the inherent fire hazards associated with densely packed storage in warehouses. By implementing strategic layouts and configurations, the risk of fire propagation is significantly reduced. Proper aisle widths, flue spaces, and designated areas for different commodity classes ensure effective fire prevention and containment. The benefit lies in enhanced safety for both personnel and valuable inventory, minimizing the potential for fire-related damages and ensuring a secure working environment.

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Space Optimization

High Pile Design is essential for optimizing warehouse space, especially when dealing with voluminous or high-hazard materials. QMH Inc.’s expertise in designing vertical storage solutions allows for efficient use of available space. This not only increases storage capacity but also improves accessibility and retrieval times. The ability to make the most of the available square footage translates to cost savings, as businesses can store more inventory without the need for extensive facility expansions.

Regulatory Compliance

Warehouses must adhere to strict regulations and codes governing high-piled combustible storage. High Pile Design, when executed in accordance with these standards, ensures regulatory compliance. QMH Inc.’s proficiency in navigating the complex landscape of safety codes, such as NFPA 13 and the California Fire Code, guarantees that the designed storage systems meet or exceed all necessary requirements. The benefit here is two-fold: avoiding potential legal issues and creating a secure storage environment that aligns with industry best practices.

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