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Why Boltless Shelving

When you need a quick simple option for industrial shelving, boltless shelving is a heavy-duty, flexible, affordable solution. Our warehouse shelving solution allows you to easily organize your picking area, parts storage, archive room or even organize your garage.

Warehouse space is costly, fortunately boltless shelving does not require large aisles of wasted space. Industrial shelving only requires a 4- 5 foot aisle to allow for carts or ladders to pass through. An alternate option to simple boltless shelving units is our 2-story boltless shelving systems. These are known as boltless shelving catwalk systems and they maximize your warehouse’s vertical height.

Boltless Shelving
Boltless Shelving

Unbeatable Pricing on Our Warehouse Shelving

With the largest inventory on the West Coast, QMH has the buying power to offer incredible pricing on your system. We’re confident that no supplier in the US can compete with us on our shelving pricing. Our large inventory gives us substantial buying power and we pass that savings along to our clients.

Largest Inventory of Warehouse Shelving

Our large inventory of boltless shelving allows us to ship next day.

We understand that in today’s business world, speed is of the essence. You may not have the time for a boltless shelving system that takes weeks or months to get up and running. QMH always keeps a large inventory of boltless shelving components in stock to keep your warehouse organized with less down time.


Boltless Shelving
Boltless shelving with wood deck

Turn-Key Boltless Shelving Solutions

We offer a one stop shop to manage your next boltless shelving project. Our industrial shelving experts will design a layout displaying what the boltless shelving would look like within your warehouse facility. Then we supply the shelving and our licensed installers will install the shelving and ensure it meets the required building codes.

Depending on the project and city, permits may be required. In that case, our experienced permit technicians will work to acquired the approved permits and conduct any required building inspections.

Contracting QMH for your industrial shelving project means that we will handle all aspects of your project under one license. At the start of your project you will be assigned a dedicated project coordinator, as your simple point of contact. They handle all the details to give you the white glove service every step of the way.

What makes our Shelving Different?

Our Industrial Shelving is Fully Test & Engineered

Our Industrial Boltless Shelving has been fully tested and engineered in the United States for Seismic Capacities. When you buy our shelving, you can have peace of mind knowing that the shelving you have purchased has been seismically.

We use all 14 gauge heavy duty steel material and we never sacrifice on the gauge. Many shelving suppliers reduce the thickness of the steel and dimensions of the material to save costs. Our name is Quality, and we don’t make any cost savings adjustment to compromise that. Its not even a consideration.

Easily Install Boltless Shelving Yourself

Our industrial shelving units are easy to assemble without the use of power tools. Our boltless shelving kits are designed to provide more options to fit your facilities’ needs. The shelves are adjustable in 1.5 inch increments offering various alternative configurations for total flexibility. As your business demands change, your team can easily adjust and reconfigure the shelving units, without any specialized tools.

Industrial Shelving vs. Pallet Racking

Industrial boltless shelving is for hand picking individual products while pallet racking is for picking full pallets with a forklift.

Our customers who to pick individual products love our shelving solution. It is a simple and cost effective solution to organizing their picking operations. Our shelving is most commonly used within ecommerce, automotive, apparel, distribution and fulfillment facilities.

Boltless shelving also adapts to individual industry needs and is ideal for industrial, wholesale and/or retail applications.

Single-Rivet Boltless Shelving with Particle Board



Project Process

Hard Hat


Site visit & Evaluation

During the site visit we identify what the objectives are for the project. Our team will arrive in the appropriate gear, get dimensions, thoroughly check the building and review our findings with you, the client.



Proposal submittal

Utilizing the discoveries collected during the site visit, your assigned sales rep will work with the team to configure a plan that will best serve your needs. We will then submit the project proposal for review.



Contract execution

Once the contract is signed, our team gets to work! We specialize in the design, submittal and approval of Building & High Pile Plans.



Permit approval & Material delivery

Our team coordinates material delivery to align with permit approval to ensure we are ready to begin installation upon getting permits approved.




Our installation team is licensed, bonded and insured. With a Project Manger, an Install Manager and a Head Foreman, on site, we guarantee your project will be properly executed from start to finish.



Inspection by the city & Client sign off

After installation is complete, we coordinate inspection and final walk through. If all is approved the appropriate department signs off on the project.


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