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Simplified For Cost-Effectiveness

Roll form, selective pallet racking is one of the most popular racking solutions in our industry, because it is easy to install and upgrade when needed. QMH selective racking offers long-term value with easily replaceable parts and more adaptability as your facility and storage needs change and grow.

Let QMH help you find selective pallet racking to address your most complex, high-density warehouse racking challenges.

Flexible, So You Can Have It Your Way

QMH selective pallet racking is designed for ease and flexibility when you need to move your racking from one location to another. As your storage needs change or grow, our selective racking and frames can grow with you. QMH selective racking is also durable enough to support almost any pallet weight.

Use QMH selective racking for a wide range of applications, with our wide selection of frames and configurations.

Designed to Reduce Lead Times

When you need to get a new storage facility up and running fast, our selective racking features make it easy to install with standardized interlocking shelves and frames. Our install experts can even work with you to get your warehouse operational in a short amount of time, so you can stay on schedule.

When you need a fast, easy and durable storage solution, QMH selective racking is readily available — no need for special ordering!

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General Project Process


Site visit & Evaluation

During the site visit we identify what the objectives are for the project. Our team will arrive in the appropriate gear, get dimensions, thoroughly check the building and review our findings with you, the client.


Proposal submittal

Utilizing the discoveries collected during the site visit, your assigned sales rep will work with the team to configure a plan that will best serve your needs. We will then submit the project proposal for review.


Contract execution

Once the contract is signed, our team gets to work! We specialize in the design, submittal and approval of Building & High Pile Plans.


Permit approval & Material delivery

Our team coordinates material delivery to align with permit approval to ensure we are ready to begin installation upon getting permits approved.



Our installation team is licensed, bonded and insured. With a Project Manger, an Install Manager and a Head Foreman, on site, we guarantee your project will be properly executed from start to finish.


Inspection by the city & Client sign off

After installation is complete, we coordinate inspection and final walk through. If all is approved the appropriate department signs off on the project.




Distribution Center & 3PLs

Logistic Companies

Apparel Companies


The QMH mission is to serve and/or create a world where people and products are handled the right way. Our customer service philosophy is simple: We strive to be the best for everyone who walks through our door. We’re passionate about providing our customers with the greatest value for their money.