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Southern California Material Handling

Material Handling Equipment Services in Los Angeles, CA

Southern California’s Material Handling Experts Since 1991

Quality Material Handling takes pride in helping businesses become safer, more efficient and successful by using our expertise to design and implement the perfect configuration for their warehouse facilities. We offer a wide range of material handling services and products ranging from warehouse racking systems and equipment to permit processing and custom installations. For QMH, Quality comes first. Let us help you take the next big step forward for your business.

Pallet Racking & Shelving

QMH specializes in warehouse pallet racking systems and warehouse shelving in the greater Southern California area. Our warehouse racking options include Selective Pallet Racks, Structural Pallet Racks, Cantilever Racks, Drive-In Pallet Racks, Push-Back Racks, Carton Flow Racks, and Pallet Flow Racks. Each of these racking systems serve a similar purpose, but vary in functionality and application. Depending on available space in your facility and style of inventory management, you will find the perfect warehouse racking for your facility here at Quality Material Handling. Learn More

Warehouse Mezzanines

We offer warehouse mezzanines and catwalks that allow you to greatly increase the utilization of your square footage. Increase space efficiency and organization of your facility with a catwalk or mezzanine platform. Warehouse Mezzanines efficiently use the height of a facility, while doubling or even tripling the surface area. Mezzanines can be the most economical way to increase warehouse space without having to expand or relocate from Southern California. There are many important factors to consider when designing a mezzanine, including access-ways, work systems, products, and handling methods in order to plan accurately. Mezzanines may be completely disassembled; the parts re-used; and the structure, dimensions, and location easily modified. Learn More

Warehouse Shelving

As one of the top Southern California material handling equipment providers, QMH offers a variety of warehouse shelving solutions including boltless shelving, archive shelving, bulk rack shelving, and chrome wire shelving. Boltless and archive shelving are easy to install with little to no hardware required, and can be easily customized to fit your facility and needs. Chrome wire shelving is perfect for organization while maintaining air circulation and light. These shelves are also very easy to assemble, easy to expand as your needs grow, and help keep your inventory and items fully visible. Bulk racks are ideal for multi-level storage of hardware, tools, and heavy duty items. Bulk racking is available in various configurations, and come standard with particle board decking with the optional upgrade to wire mesh decking. Learn More

Loading Dock Equipment

If you have a loading dock attached to your warehouse facility, the type of loading dock equipment you use can make a world of difference when it comes to convenience, safety, and efficiency. Quality Material Handling offers Access Ramps, Dock Boards, Dock Plates, Dock Levelers, and Wheel Risers to make your loading and unloading procedures a breeze! Consult our experts on what dock equipment would be ideal for your warehouse loading docks, and take the first step to streamlining your company's shipping and receiving processes. Learn More

City Permits

The process of obtaining city permits in Southern California can be a complicated and grueling process. Permit experts at QMH have decades of experience in dealing with local and state governments, and we can help you get all the building and city permits you require. We work with you to determine everything you need to get your operation up and running, and then work directly with city and state officials to get you authorized. Learn More

Portable Yard Ramps

Yard Ramps are an efficient, cost effective, and safe solution to common loading dock problems. Our Mobile Yard Ramps come standard with a 6-foot level off zone to ensure safety and easy forklift access onto containers and flatbed trucks. They are manufactured with heavy duty steel, and build to last through years of heavy duty use. We’ve designed our ramps with a 12 inch thick channel to create lasting durability and increased strength. We also go a step further to ensure forklift traction, even in poor weather conditions, by using serrated bar grating and including safety chains with all portable yard ramps. Portable yard ramps help make your loading and unloading processes quick and easy! Learn More

Material Handling Services

As a key-player in the Southern California material handling industry, QMH offers a full spectrum of material handling services to help your business reach its full potential. Along with new and used material handling equipment, we offer warehouse management solutions. If you're moving or relocating, you can count on us to take care of your facility's tear down, relocation, and installation. If you're re-configuring your warehouse's design and layout, we'll work with you to design a safe and efficient facility that serves your business perfectly. We also install in-rack sprinkler systems to minimize the risk of fire damage. Lastly, we spearhead warehouse liquidations - helping you get rid of excess or outdated warehouse equipment quickly and easily! Learn More

New & Used Warehouse Equipment

Part of our Southern California material handling business is the selling and buying of used warehouse equipment. So in addition to all our new warehouse equipment offerings, you can also select from a large variety of used equipment to add to your facility. Whether you need an access ramp, forklift, warehouse shelving, conveyor, hand truck, pallet jack, or anything else in our inventory, chances are you'll have the options of new or used. We verify all our equipment to be fully functional and safe, so you can rest assured that you are getting a great value. And if you have equipment in your warehouse that you want to liquidate, we'll buy it from you. Everything we sell, we buy! Learn More